Who You Calling Pointless?

I know I said last week I sometimes wished that I could write “This week I did nothing” – in truth I am hopeless at doing nothing. I love being busy, and although I’m crazy tired at the moment, my life couldn’t be more exciting.

It was a nonstop week in London from the moment I touched down on the tarmac at Heathrow, and here’s what I got up to.

I had what was one of my busiest days ever, starting with an amazing morning working with the Alzheimers Society. First stop was for a photoshoot at the Arcadia offices with Sir Philip Green as he generously donated an overwhelming amount to Dementia Friends, as well as heralding two Arcadia employees who had themselves raised an incredible amount of money to get the new initiative started. http://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/gclid=CISb2pSu0bMCFePHtAodk1MAgQ 

That was followed by a reception at No.10 with David Cameron to discuss the first report since starting the Alzheimers challenge.

Next was a swift journey to the Mayfair hotel, where I was doing some top secret filming in one of the most beautiful hotel suites I have ever seen.  In the rush to touch up my makeup, to my despair my MAC liquid eyeliner burst all over my stunning and expensive Tory Birch cream leather jacket!  Several babywipes later, it was just about wearable for the rest of the day, but I’m still waiting to hear back from MAC about what they’re going to do about it!!

I stopped past the launch of the amazing new Zatchels collection, which was all about their collaboration with the one and only (and my daughters’ obsession) Hello Kitty.  The bags are adorable, and my cute new purple one is perfect for toting my computer around!

The last stop of the day was a very special invite from Sir Philip Green himself to the launch of the new Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins.  Although I only saw them from a distance, Kim and Kourtney are stunning in real life, and oh so tiny!  Of course the party was crammed wall to wall so I’m afraid I didn’t last very long, that and the fact I was pretty exhausted by this time.  I happily made it home to waiting bowl of Angus’ homemade soup and a big cuddle from Abi, what more could I want.

The next day I was up early for a meeting and a gossip with the lovely Robin Cousins, who I’ve known for many years.  We talked nonstop swapping stories until time was up and it was BBC-wards I was heading…  I can’t tell you too much about it as it hasn’t been shown yet, but I was filming a very special Children in Need episode of Pointless.  Yes I was back for more humiliation, and you can tune in to watch this friday at some point during the event showing all night on BBC.

Talking of Children in need, you can bid for some of my fabulous jewellery collection to help raise funds, and you’ll get a signed Pudsey keyring as well! http://bit.ly/APCIN

Saturday was all about one thing, The X Factor, dun dun dun…..!  I was appearing on the Xtra Factor that evening, so I went along to watch the main show with Abi, who at 22 is of course completely in love with Union J – as is Alana, 33! The show was great, and I had a hilarious time on the sofa with Olly and Caroline, Tinchy Strider and Steven K Amos.  We all had very different views on who we liked/disliked – especially Christopher, but all I have to say is never mind Jahmene and James Arthur, Jaymi from Union J has a voice that outshines all the others in the competition, and he can tap dance!

Sunday was again all about one thing, although slightly less exciting… Packing. It was a much needed family day as come Monday I would be off on my travels again back to Toronto, this time to start rehearsals for the show.

So this is where I leave you, and hope you’ll check in next week to hear all about how my first full week in Toronto and rehearsals goes…

Hope you’re all warmer in London than I am here.

Arlene x