Jumpers at Dawn


 Hello again after yet another manic week, isn’t it Christmas and time off yet?! I can hardly complain though I’ve had a wonderful week, starting with a hilarious Monty Python meeting that had me rolling around in stitches. From there I went over to Pineapple Dance Studios for my Nest event, that I wrote all about in a mini blog last week. You can catch up on that here

From Covent Garden I whizzed across town to the city, and to the ICAP charity day, where I was raising money on the trading floor for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Everyone who was anyone was there, including Louis Smith, Cheryl Cole, Barbara Windsor, Clare Balding, Julie Walters, and Peter Andre.



Lots of the bankers had come in fancy dress, and I managed to get some hot tips from a gorgeous group of Jockeys! I also managed to close two deals, and not crash the market, so yay for me!  



Finally it was home time and after a quick change off to my fourth stop of the day, a trip to the new Rambert Company building, where we were shown around by head of the company and dance god Mark Baldwin. It was in a word, amazing. If that wasn’t enough to fit in my day, the fifth and final stop was the Fresh One wrap party for The Sound of Musicals, the series I was executive producer on. If you still haven’t seen it, despite my incessant tweeting, you can catch the final episode here  http://bit.ly/HQH3v. The final episode focusses on the challenge of keeping audiences coming year after year, once the glitz and glamour of opening night has been and gone.

 I managed to pop to the country for a few days of Christmas prep, which really got me into the spirit! This included finding a tree and stocking up on food and drink just incase we get snowed in… not unusual!

 Sooner than I could blink I was back in London, and back to glam! I had a fabulous morning at Selfridges in their beauty hall getting my hair put up at Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, my eyebrows tinted and threaded at Blink Brow Bar, and my nails exquisitely painted at the Paint Shop, it really is a one stop wonder. It was all, by the way, in prep for the event I was attending that evening, The Sun Military Awards. Before my “glamformation” could be completed I managed to swing past the Sky News desk to talk about the amazing promise made at the G8 summit in regards to Alzheimer’s research and the promise to pledge 100 million towards care and research his coming year. Home and into makeup with Alana, red Alexander McQueen dress at the ready, I was whisked away to the Imperial War Museum for what I always find one of the most amazing events of the year.


 As well as meeting the serviceman and women there to be honoured for their incredible acts of bravery, I also had a very interesting conversation with no other than David Cameron. I had gone over to thank him for his pledge for Alzheimers research, and he turned to me and said “well it all came about from your challenge to me at last years conference”. Well I nearly fell over backwards, I couldn’t believe it! I am so proud to say that in my own way, I have made a difference. I spent the rest of the evening floating around on such a high, chatting with the charming stunning Amy Willerton and larger than life Joey Essex, both fresh from the jungle. 




I was home so late, and up so early for another Python meeting, and I think I must have still been on a high from the night before as there seemed to be more hysteria than usual! After spending the rest of the day in the office doing a major catch up with Coco, I was more than ready to escape to watch the English National Ballet perform The Nutcracker at The Coliseum. I attended the Winter Wonderland themed party beforehand at the gorgeous St Martins Lane Hotel, where I caught up with the lovely Helen Fospero, the glamorous Liz Hurley, the charming Greg Wallace and the larger than life presence of Cherie Blair. I wept my way through the ballet, marvelling at the breathtaking performances, watching the dancers bring to life the characters in a way that I have never seen, and I have seen The Nutcracker probably every year of my life since I was a child! It truly is the most phenomenal production, and all I could do was stand in awe talking to Tamara Rojo, the company director, and offer nothing but heartfelt congratulations. A swift exit home to prepare for yet another insanely early morning, as this time it was all about the Christmas Jumper…




It was finally the morning of the Xmas Jumper Flash Mob I had been organising for Save the Children, and it was an cold start at Westfield London when I arrived bright and early, wrapped up in my very own Xmas Jumper to keep me warm.



Alongside my gorgeous “ Ashleys”, we led the crowd – who were dancing on the ice in their skates no less – through the routine to Kelly Clarkson’s new Christmas single Underneath The Tree. It was a fantastic morning, and I’m so happy also such a success.





From there I jumped in my car across town over to ITV, where myself and Fiona Phillips were on This Morning talking about the Alzheimer’s Pledge, and again just how important it is to understand this truly awful disease, that affects so many of us in the most heartbreaking ways, watch here. I spent the rest of the afternoon replying to all the incredible tweets of support and thanks I had received over the past couple of days, reading peoples tragic stories of their experiences with loved ones, and it really did warm my heart to see the difference I can hopefully make to so many people’s lives.



So I leave you with one week to go before Christmas, and I have to ask, are you ready?!


Here there and everywhere!

 Another two weeks has gone by and of course it has been crazy busy as usual…

 I have been up to so many different and wonderful things and have finally found the time to put it all together…

 I drunk lots of champagne at the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy with Kathy Lette and Horrid Henry superstar writer Francesca Simon which was quite fabulous

 I spent a very special evening with my Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music director Jeremy Sams watching Le Weekend, which he composed the glorious music for, then eating an even more glorious dinner!

 I’ve been trying out a juice diet by juicemaster extraordinaire Jason Vale, and aside from a couple of slip ups (which I can explain!) I have done pretty well! I’ve been carrying my juice to all my meetings and events, and aside from a dinner out and long overdue lunch with my darling Molly Molloy, I have rocked this diet!


 Having my juice to hand has meant I’ve taken some pictures of me drinking in some very strange places, for example at the final of Britain’s Best Cat that I was filming over at This Morning. As I mentioned last time, the cats who performed so well in all the rehearsals, basically refused to so much as glance in the right direction, which made for an utterly hilarious final of what was pretty much “Britain’s Most Useless Cat! To say that these cats unwillingly went where no cat has gone before is an understatement, but all made for some hilarious live TV. It was wonderful to work with fellow cat lover Tom Fletcher from McFly, and I’m looking forward to checking out the McBusted tour next year alongside my gorgeous Matt Willis, who I worked with in Flashdance a couple of years ago.


 Another “juicy” filming day was me talking all about my work and friendship with Freddie Mercury and Queen for an upcoming show called “The Nations Favourite Queen Song”. It was such a rush watching all those old videos again, as the memories came flooding back of such significant points in my life, and just talking about Freddie and how flamboyant and fabulous he was, brought tears to my eyes. It strange even now after all these years how much I miss him. Of course I will keep you updated as to when it airs, and you’ll hear all the secrets behind some of the most famous videos ever made.

 Thank goodness I had finished juicing in time to attend the launch of Bakers Toolkit, the new business from Apprentice runner up and family friend Luisa Zissman. It was cakes and sweet things galore, alongside heavenly pomegranate vodka cocktails I was in my element! I met the gorgeous Francine Lewis, and would have met a whole host of other celebs had I not have done my usual early disappearing act, but it was a fabulous party nonetheless.


 I had a truly wonderful evening at the Collars and Coats Ball for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which was to raise money for the new dogs housing unit. It quite honestly broke my heart seeing the conditions some of these dogs have to live in, and to give them the love, care and attention they so deserve is all down to the generosity of the public. There were some of the dogs there on the night, and to say I fell in love with one or two is an understatement, and have not so subtly been begging my partner to head down there with me so we can pick out a new friend, so I’ll certainly keep you updated as to how that one goes…


 Another awesome event I had the pleasure of attending last week was for, of course, Children in Need that I have been working with again this year. Gary Barlow was hosted a magnificent dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, and it was about as star studded as they come. I was sat next to magical genius Dynamo, who made me continuously rub my eyes in disbelief as things flew across the table, cards swapped places in people’s mouths without them realising, hands and fingers bent into impossible positions, it really was an experience I will never forget, Among the other celebrities I caught up with were the divine Ben Shepherd, Louis Smith, Eamon Holmes, Dave Myers of the Hairy Bikers, and not forgetting one of the most hilarious conversations of the night with the one and only Louis Walsh. Watching the performances during and after dinner from artists such as Ellie Goulding and of course Gary himself was simply thrilling, and again an evening that will stay with me for along time. I’d also like to add my congratulations to Terry Wogan, Lizze Fee, and all the team who made this years Children in Need smash last years record by I think 5 million, bringing the total up to £31 million, which is just astounding.



 Another charity event I was involved in last week was the recording of the flash mob dance I have put together for Save the Children, that will be going ahead on the 13th of Dec, so grab your Christmas sweater, get online, and get learning the dance so that you too can help break the world record for the most amount of people dancing together in Christmas sweaters – and raise money doing it! Me and my boys Ashley and Ashley show you how step by step, and we will be posting the link as soon as it goes up for you to get involved.


 Filming over and sweaters laid to rest, I was off to experience another kind of dancing at Sadlers Wells with my dear friend Pamela Stephenson, to watch M’Longa, a tango show that was an absolute triumph and a joy to watch.

 I had bit of a brush with radio as I stood in for Vanessa Feltz on the panel at Radio London, and I have to say what an experience! I got into a rather heated debate with the, shall we say “mildly opinionated” Katie Hopkins, who really should as far as I’m concerned keep her mouth shut once and for all! Of course I’m all for people standing up for what they believe in, but to be that prejudiced in this day and age is just beyond me.

 So feeling much calmer, I made my way to Parliament to support a new venture I am involved in for the National Youth Arts Trust set up by my friend Fiona Laird, alongside patrons such as Grayson Perry and Ewan McGregor, that involves mentoring young people who want to be involved in the arts, and for various reasons are unable to do so due to lack of funds, It is such an amazing collective to be part of, and just seeing the hope and happiness it brings makes it even more worthwhile. I will introduce you all to the fabulous girl I am mentoring soon, and I can’t wait to keep you informed of her progress.


 So there you have it, my last two weeks, and hopefully the last time I will be so behind on the blog for say, another how many weeks…!

 Just kidding, so until next week…

Much love,

Arlene x



Parliament and a Banana Split

I am writing this to you on a surprisingly sunny afternoon, and I have to say what a treat this weather is! It’s yet again been a busy week full of comings and goings, and here’s what’s been going on…
Last Monday the Wizard of Oz opened in “Fabulous Las Vegas”, and although I wasn’t there to celebrate it myself (sad face!) I sent the cast a good luck message and lots of love. You can follow @yellowbrickroad on Twitter for updates and backstage pics, and for all my followers in the US you can book tickets here!
I had a very nerve wracking morning in Parliament speaking for the Alzheimer’s Society, and all over twitter you can see the amazing support of MPs pledging to raise awareness of dementia and improve services. Find out how you can make a difference and become a dementia friend http://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/
I had another fantastic morning filming a new campaign for Save the Children, all about getting kids involved in reading. They have teamed up with a company called Beanstalk who have volunteers to work with kids who for many different reasons either have trouble, or lack the confidence with their reading, which studies show can greatly affect their chances for good GCSE grades later on. I spent the morning reading and talking with some of the 7yr olds from a primary school in North London, and was amazed at the progress they were making with the help of their reading mentors. As soon as I have the pictures to show I will post them up!
A photo that I DO have to show you is one that I’m very proud of, and also very proud to be a part of the campaign… Yes the Bearfaced picture I mentioned I was shooting a few weeks ago for Children in Need is finally out and I love it! Do you Dare to Bear?
As I’m sure you know I am still all Starlight Starlight Starlight, and have been busy with interviews and rehearsals for the International Tour that’s about to roll out across the world!  Tickets.  And you can also check out the new video here.
Someone who I am sure is thrilled by this little patch of sun is my partner Angus, who braved the rain and the cold to go camping in Devon last weekend, and came back utterly bedraggled poor thing! Anyway while he was in one kind of tent, I was sort of in another – although it was more of a marquee at a Birthday garden party I was at on Saturday night. It was my friend Wayne Garvie, who had decided to throw a mini fete, complete with garden games and a gorgeous food! Delicious chicken and lamb wraps, with different salads and fillings, and then huge plates of piping hot churros with thick chocolate dipping sauce. I think thats all I need to say about that…. *stares off into the distance dreaming of churros*
Following on the food theme, I’ve had a couple of lovely breakfast meetings this week, one at the Ivy Club, which is always a treat! I also went to a party at the Soho Sanctum Hotel in Picadilly to celebrate the launch of my darling Sam Dowler’s new PR company, Big Smoke that he has started with Made in Chelsea’s Cheska. It was filled with the usual faces like Lizzie Cundy, PR Guru Nick Ede, several of the Chelsea crew such as Ollie Locke whom I adore, and a few other very fashionable people that I probably should have known! True to form I didn’t stay long, and somehow managed to make it home with a giant caramel ice cream cone from Scoop that just happened to be by the car park…
Another blog worthy addition is the secret filming I did for ITV, yes frustrating I know that I can’t reveal all yet, but as always it’s worth the wait…
Did anyone catch me on the charity version of Fifteen to One last Friday as part of the Channel 4 80’s night?  All I can say is that I had major question envy!
Friday was also a trip to the eyebrow goddess Karen Betts for a much needed top up on my brows, and as ever I love hearing about the amazing work she does with the Katie Piper foundation, she really is a genius.
This weekend I was lucky enough to snare tickets to Chimerica, and it was well worth the wait to see I can tell you. A genuis production, made all the more incredible by the young ages of the writer and director, who are truly brilliant, as was the production.
Sunday was a wonderful end to week with a fabulous Sunday lunch at The Delaunay, where my heavenly lobster cocktail and banana split was devoured in an instant!
So for all those that missed me this morning, you can catch me on The Wright Stuff this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Channel 5, so make sure you tune in!
So until next week, let’s hope this weather continues!
Love Arlene x

Time for a Catch up!


My goodness where has the time gone? This past coupe of weeks have flown by, and I realised it’s been what seem like an age since I last cheked in! Seeing as there’s been so much going on, I’ll give you the edited version rather than make you sit through what could easily be a five page (yet still very exciting!) essay.  

 Starting way back on Monday over two weeks ago, I was treated to a gorgeous long lunch at Le Caprice with my agents, and it was as delicious as you could imagine. The rest of the afternoon was filled with a couple more meetings, a voiceover, and a quick change back at home to get ready for dinner at my new favourite place Balthazar to discuss an exciting top secret new film project! Full as can be from what was essentially a day of dining, I made my way home to bed as the rest of the week was looking busier by the minute…  

 Tuesday I was up early to get my hair done, and of course I couldn’t just sit and relax like most people do in the salon, I was busy giving interviews! You can read my one with the South Wales Echo http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/former-strictly-stars-flavia-vincent-4694501) and listen to my one with Gordon Burns here http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01b1yzl/Gordon_Burns_Arlene_Phillips

After the mornings chat and colour… I arrived at a studio in Islington for my Save the Children Christmas Jumper Campaign shoot. As soon as I have all the details about how you can get involved with their new initiative I’ll let you know, but what I can tell you is what a great afternoon I had! It was lovely to catch up with some of the other celebs involved, including Myleene Klass and Ashleigh and Pudsey, and before I knew it I was jumping in my car to the next port of call! I was opening a new centre on Harley Street for Alliance Medical alongside Joanna Lumley, and I have to tell you the things they can do with these new machines that can somehow make a 4D scan of your body is just remarkable. 


It was another early start on Wednesday, as I made my way to Denman College, Oxford University. I was there to meet the WI to give a talk on Dementia and give exercises and rhythms that may help in the fight in keeping the brain and body active! That evening I went to watch Billy at the Union Theatre, directed by Michael Strassen. It was a stunning production, and lovely to bump into my dear friend and producer extraordinaire David Ian.

 Thurs was yet another early start for a long day of interviews for Care UK, and drinks in the evening with the wonderful Rob Jones.

 Friday was a REALLY early start with an appearance on Daybreak talking about the Nations Favourite Dancer that was on the following Saturday night. Did you watch? Did you agree with the best dance moments – and if not then what are yours? Tweet me and let me know @arlenephillips! 

 The Weekend was a bit of a disaster, starting with driving three hours out of our way to get to a party in Surrey for the Orpheus Trust 15th Birthday.  Nerves fraying, we arrived only a couple of hours late… but I tell you what it was worth every second of temper tantrums in the car to see the incredible work the trust does in providing a music education and  life skills to disabled students. 


Sunday morning I managed to put my back out on the exercise bike, so spent the rest of my day in bed!

 Monday I was feeling a bit more mobile, and managed to make it to a meeting at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s offices about the upcoming Wizard of Oz tour in America.  Then seeing as I was literally next door, I popped into the Ivy Club to meet my darling Debbie Moore for a quick catch up before retiring back to my bed and trying to get the back, back to normal!

 Tuesday I was feeling right as rain, and made my way into town for some top secret filming. I can’t tell you what it was for, but I can show you it involved this lot…


After my more hectic than usual week I was definitely in need of some R&R so I headed off to the country for the week. It was as always utter bliss, and although I popped back to London for some filming over the weekend (more about that in a minute) I’m still here and the relaxation programme is going strong, however I do hate being away from the gang at home, but someone’s got to keep Phillips Towers running!

 As I mentioned, I came back to London for the weekend to film a celebrity edition of The Chase! I was fretting about it for weeks – have you seen some of the questions they ask?! I can’t tell you too much about it yet (as it seems with so much at the moment…) but there was both excitement and stupidity.

 I turned up at auditions for the new cast of We Will Rock You and saw some fabulous dancers and after watching all that activity, I went on eating overload at the opening of Five Guys in Covent Garden.


 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures in showbiz land this week, and I promise to keep up to date so expect more hot gossip coming soon! 


Love Arlene

PS If you’re keen to get your dancing seen check this Dance competition from Danceamatic out! 


Over the Rainbow in Paradise

Last week has been a mix of crazy times, lazy times and work times!  I’ve been to glorious Barbados to stay at the home of The Andrew Lloyd Webber, where our search fro Dorothy for the Wizard of Oz Canada has begun.  Twenty girls flew from Toronto to Barbados and sung their hearts out to me and  Andrew, ten girls were sent home with broken hearts, leaving our final ten Dorothys to battle it out over the next eight weeks. They’ll be appearing live every week on the Canadian version of Over the Rainbow, and your’s truly here will be head judge, in charge of finding the perfect one.  We found some incredible talent, and I can tell you now it’s going to be hard to choose!  I’m not allowed to show you yet, but as I soon as I can I’ve got some amazing pictures of our ten girls to post, so keep an eye out for them…

Barbados was paradise indeed and there are no better hosts than Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber.  On the Island, I was lucky enough to have dinner at the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel, enjoy it’s glorious food and drink champagne and rum punch, and take a tour of the incredible beauty around me.  Partying went on late into the night, and at one such evening which included the dreaded Jeremy Kyle, I got everyone up singing and dancing to So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music, as nobody wanted to leave so we tried to make it last as long as possible!  Oh and for the record, Jeremy Kyle is in fact, a pussycat!  (but don’t say I told you so…)

All too soon it was back to London, life, and work!

This past week I’ve been campaigning for Save the Children, and highlighting the fact the HOW MANY MILLION children are living in unbelievable poverty right here in the UK, and just how shocking it really is.  I went from BBC Breakfast in Manchester, to BBC news in London, to Alan Titchmarsh, to Channel Five, meetings galore – even to the Serpentine Gallery to record a podcast with the gorgeous Lauren Laverne (you can listen here) It’s been a whirlwind few days, and my head is spinning with facts and figures, and yet all I can think about is how else to get the message across.  Please check out the campaign here, and do what you can, it shouldn’t happen here.

Who saw the Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip I filmed a couple of months ago, that was shown on BBC2 last Wednesday night?  Me and Anton Du Beke, some antiques, some vintage cars, and some hilarious banter. You can watch it on catch up here.

I finished my week with a day in Bochum at the incredible production of Starlight Express, WOW is all I can say! Image

So I hope you have all enjoyed the attempt at Summer, and best of luck to all starting back at school!

Until next time…

Love A x

Short and Sweet and Searching for Summer

So another couple of weeks have flown past, and what have I been up to? Well here it is. I have been Mrs Domestic, tidying, cleaning, sorting and giving. Yes, many clothes are now with friends and charities. As for work well here is some of it.

I did an article for the Times Body and Soul as part of my BUPA campaign I’m working on to highlight Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read it. Here’s another piece I did in the Express, it has some helpful points on how to cope with Dementia.


I’ve been meeting up with my fabulous new friend Russell Grant on a regular basis, no, we’re not baking, but we’re certainly cooking up something and it’s going to be big!  

Part of the reason I realised the weeks have flown by is that I was mainly stuck to the sofa, glued to the fabulous Louis Smith and co for the breathtaking Olympic gymnastics.  I didn’t want to miss a second so there I was, glued to the TV, screaming and shouting at the stunning performances before me.  What surprised me  most was how much I got into so many other event i wouldn’t usually have looked twice at thanks to the incredible efforts of Team GB, drawing me in with their passion and determination to go for gold.  And gold it was!  As for the Olympic Ceremonies, the opening was an epic performance piece, with several very moving elements to it, and I thoroughly Loved it.  The closing however, all I will say is that it was a bit like marmite… However I adored the spectacular lighting created by my good friend Patrick Woodroffe, the calmest man I know when faced with huge challenges.  Speaking of ceremonies, I had lunch the other day with my dearest friend Julie Brooks who was visiting from Australia and we reminisced about the time we worked together on the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002.  Now that was a ceremony, and a story for another time…

This week I have been raving about Aveda.  I was very kindly sent a beautiful bag of goodies, some heavenly smelling shampoos and face products, and I have been glowing from top to toe.  Click on the link to see their gorgeous things here… http://www.aveda.co.uk/

One thing I am most definitely not raving about, and am in fact fuming about, is the uselessness of Addison Lee. And more so, their failure to accept their uselessness!  They have epically let down me, both my daughters and a few friends, and let me tell you, we are not impressed.  Ok rant over *deep breath out*

On a happier note, I managed to fit in a couple of trips to see family in Cheshire and Leeds, and as soon I feel myself leaving london and heading for the north, I breathe a sigh of relief, and my manchester tones start to creep back in, that my daughters find most amusing on my return home.

One thing I would love you all to do is join me and @savechildrenuk in the #raceagainsthunger. Let’s make sure #london2012 leaves a legacy, so PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION http://bit.ly/SGqUZ7

Big kiss and farewell for now.



Olympic Fever and HRH…?

So who’s got Olympic fever?  Love it or loathe it, the Olympics are upon us and I for one am somewhere in the middle.  Im loving the gymnastics as always, and the rest of Team GB are certainly doing up proud.  I am however a bit over it making front pages every single morning, has the rest of the world news ceased to exist?  Or maybe I should take it as a welcome break from all the heartbreaking headlines we see constantly…  Whatever your feelings on it, it’s here for the next few weeks so let’s go for gold and get involved!


 So who saw the morning after the opening ceremony bright and early on BBC Breakfast?  I was giving my views on what I loved, and what I wasn’t so sure about… The highlights for me were most definitely the opening industrial revolution section, and the beautiful contemporary piece by Akram Kahn that was a tribute to the victims of 7/7.  I also loved the children dancing in their beds with the nurses from Great Ormond St, and the things that go bump in the night.  The rest I felt was a little lacking in excitement and ‘wow’ factor moments, although it all came together at the end with the lighting of the very beautiful and original olympic flame.  It sure went on for a while though, and as I had to be up at 5am to get to the studios out at the olympic park, my eyes were closing before Paul Mcartney had even sat down.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching the first day of events, until it was time to prepare for a dinner party I was having that evening with some very old friends including David Mallet, who directed all the powerhouse 80’s videos I choreographed many years ago. Such as Freddie’s BORN TO LOVE YOU  

We had a wonderful evening, telling stories and remembering those crazy times, and the craziness of working on the Kenny Everett Video Show together. 

 Sunday was a lovely family day, with the house being full of nieces and nephews, cousins and couples and lots of cupcakes for all to get stuck into!

 The following evening I was thrilled to be attending an evening at the Royal Academy in honour of the UK Creative Industries sponsored by Founders Forum where I was surrounded by personalities from the world of sport, art, fashion, film and television, and it was a truly fantastic evening that included a speech from David Cameron and an appearance from Kate Middleton, who looked stunning in a lilac shift dress.


 I had a fabulous time catching up with vocal coach to the stars Yvie Burnett, Image


Aykut Hilmi,


and getting all the goss from the lovely Ben Forster, who is soon be seen as Jesus in the new area production of Jesus Christ Superstar.


The art at the academy is just amazing, and if you haven’t been it is more than well worth a trip.

So what’s coming up?  Well I’ve got an exciting photoshoot for the Times Body and Soul coming up, as well as getting involved in the following…


Were you born to dance? Could you keep going for a five-hour dance-a-thon? From ballet to ballroom, salsa to street, zumba or rumba – whatever your passion, just keep dancing! All over the UK this October, dance troupes, clubs, family and friends will be getting together to dance their socks off – all to raise vital funds to save children’s lives. Join them – be part of Save the Children UK’s Ultimate Dance challenge! Find out more right here

 You can also check out my lingerie here: http://bit.ly/Qmk37y as featured in Good housekeeping magazine!  Image


 So until next week, I hope you’re all getting around London as easily as everyone is reporting, and loving whats left of the sunshine!


 Much love, Arlene xx