It’s Party time!


Hope you all had fabulous Easters and didn’t overdo it on the chocolate! As for me I’ve wrapped up in hibernation trying to ward off this damn nasty virus that’s been plaguing me for weeks now, I’m sure you know the one, everyone seems to have been affected by it this year. It’s miserable and very boring… Thank goodness for the TV! The Night Manager kept me completely on tenterhooks, but that’s finished now and there’s a big gap to fill! But take a look at BBC2 Line Of Duty, it’s hooking me in fast!
Last week Jackie The Musical had it’s gala opening in Bromley, and I’m proud to say we’ve had some rave reviews  and brilliant audience reactions. If you’re looking for a fun family night out then look no further! This weekend it’s in Bradford, find out where you can visit the show here:
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Thank you to everyone that’s been in contact tweeting and messaging me remedies and elixirs –  I’ve been trying them all and something’s obviously worked as I’m finally beginning to feel human again and after nearly two weeks in my cocoon I’m impatient to get out and about and what better event than the Olivier Awards this Sunday! 

I leave you with a bit of a blast from the past to get you in the mood for the weekend  Hot Gossip – ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ Linda Clifford
So have a fabulous weekend  and I’ll be back next week with all the red carpet gossip, so make sure you subscribe.
Love Arlene x