So another busy week has passed – and it was in fact meant to be a cheeky week off… no rest for the wicked hey!

One thing I’m so excited about is that I’m going to be working on this year’s Eurovision entry with the one and only Englebert Humperdink!  I’m staging the UK entry and hopefully, we will wow our way to dix points!  That’s what all these secret meetings at the BBC that I’ve been hinting at were about… So here’s to our 2012 entry, and my upcoming trip to Azerbaijan, eek!

As I mentioned, I tried to take a mini break and head off to the country for the week, which did not get off to a very good start on Thursday morning due to immense fog and traffic.  When we finally arrived 6 hours later (should have only taken 3) – I received a call from the Beeb asking if I would come and be a judge on the Let’s Dance for Sport Relief final.  Of course I was thrilled to. So, no sooner had I arrived, I had to pack up and leave.  I spent most of Friday barking orders down the phone to those on Planet Arlene still in London to get everything ready for me for Saturday.  What dress, what shoes, which jewellery – right down to the necessary undies!  All I had to do was jump on a train early Saturday morning, take a cab to the hairdressers, get to the studio and get into makeup. What could possibly go wrong?  Seeing as I was sure all was timed like clockwork, I managed to have a glorious dinner with friends that night, and went to sleep dreaming of dance.

Saturday was St Patricks day, and also the 6 Nations Rugby in Cardiff, two things I had clearly forgotten to factor in to my overwhelmingly crowded train journey, and one thing I certainly hadn’t accounted for was the train breaking down in the middle of nowhere!  Not known for my calm demeanour in such situations, I immediately had visions of being rescued by helicopters and flown in to the studio screaming “It’s alright I’m here, now get me into makeup!” By the gods clearly taking pity on me and my impending nervous breakdown, the train started up again and I made it safely to part 2 of the journey.

It would seem the panic was not completely over as after the hairdressers, my taxi took me to the wrong studio! Arriving late at the wrong studio started to spin me out again, thankfully it was only a 5 minute drive to the right one, and so I made it in one piece to meet my hilarious co-judges Rhod Gilbert and Frank Skinner.  Hilarity was definitely the theme of the night, as the three of us sat in my dressing room discussing the upcoming show, let me tell you those boys have a wicked sense of humour.  Of course I couldn’t possibly tell you what was said, but I will tell you it was very naughty, and made me almost cry my makeup off with laughter, much to Alana’s scolding.  The show flew by, and I was thrilled the brilliant Rowland Rivron won with his dance to Weapon of Choice, he was absolutely fantastic.  A huge well done to all those who took part, and to the show for raising over 1 MILLION POUNDS for the charity!  That I was proud to be a part of. If you were out on the tiles that night you can still see the marvellous performances on bbc iplayer http://bbc.in/GHvAWB ( but remember you votes won’t count now!!). If you’re running the Sport Relief Mile, and are really quick you might just be in time to bid on the Let’s Dance for Sport Relief T-shirt signed by us three judges http://bit.ly/GIKtKD

Sunday was Mothers day, and I awoke to a delicious breakfast in bed made by Abi, and fabulous book of Vogue Icons from Alana, but no sooner had I finished eating I was back on a train to the country to try to finish the rest of my mini break! Did anyone happen to catch my show about secret song requests for Mums on Magic FM, if you missed it you can have a listen here, it was such fun doing the show  http://bit.ly/zbdBZL

Monday to Wednesday was a blur of eating, relaxing, socialising, a countryside walk or two, and of course a daily catch up with Coco, until yesterday when I arrived back in London to of course another barrage of emails and a busy week ahead.

A few things I want to mention before I leave you for another week are…  You can catch me on the Culture show I mentioned last week here  http://bbc.in/GGazkN all about ‘Reasons to Dance’, and an article in the Scottish Daily Record about it too  http://bit.ly/GDoqXy.

Finally, some more dates for the Starlight Express tour have been added here  http://bit.ly/GDvJ1 so get booking!

That’s all from me, so have a wonderful week… Spring is finally here!

Love Arlene x