Spring Things

Hello all!

Spring is in the air, and I have finally sprung from my bed after round two of this hideous virus I’ve had for weeks now, which just doesn’t seem to want to go. However I wasn’t going to let it stop me attending one of the biggest nights of the year in Showbiz, the very glamorous Olivier Awards.

Not only did I have the most fabulous night catching up with friends old and new, watching incredible performers, and being surrounded by more talent than I could dream of… I also managed to make it to No.1 on a worst dressed list, I mean I’ve never won at anything! Apparently I looked a bit too like I was going to the office, well I don’t know about you but I certainly wouldn’t wear a black jewelled dress and drop earrings to the office! What do you think?FullSizeRender

From one amazing night to the next, I was thrilled to attend last nights opening of the much anticipated Sunset Boulevard, starring the legendary Glenn Close, and boy did it live up to the hype. Along with co stars Micheal Xavier and Siobhan Dillon, Glenn Close had me on the edge of my seat, and of course in floods of tears. I have to say thank you to Harry and Jackie Brunjes at the ENO for one of the most memorable nights of my life. Beg, borrow or steal a ticket, it’s an absolute must see. IMG_3027

It’s competition time! Did you know McCarthy & Stone are searching for the nation’s most Colourful Characters? People aged 60 and over who are living life to the full, 
redefining retirement and doing anything but acting their age!  The overall winner will receive a trip of a lifetime for two from Saga.You can nominate yourself, or enter a friend for their chance to win. Just follow the link below for details…
Meanwhile I loved working with Philip Price today and chatting all about it!


And finally… Has anyone else tried matcha and black sesame cake? Strange but true, lovely to look at but not sure about the taste…IMG_3011


Arlene x


It’s Party time!


Hope you all had fabulous Easters and didn’t overdo it on the chocolate! As for me I’ve wrapped up in hibernation trying to ward off this damn nasty virus that’s been plaguing me for weeks now, I’m sure you know the one, everyone seems to have been affected by it this year. It’s miserable and very boring… Thank goodness for the TV! The Night Manager kept me completely on tenterhooks, but that’s finished now and there’s a big gap to fill! But take a look at BBC2 Line Of Duty, it’s hooking me in fast!
Last week Jackie The Musical had it’s gala opening in Bromley, and I’m proud to say we’ve had some rave reviews  and brilliant audience reactions. If you’re looking for a fun family night out then look no further! This weekend it’s in Bradford, find out where you can visit the show here: http://jackiethemusical.com/tour-dates/
PRESS copypress2 copy
Thank you to everyone that’s been in contact tweeting and messaging me remedies and elixirs –  I’ve been trying them all and something’s obviously worked as I’m finally beginning to feel human again and after nearly two weeks in my cocoon I’m impatient to get out and about and what better event than the Olivier Awards this Sunday! 

I leave you with a bit of a blast from the past to get you in the mood for the weekend  Hot Gossip – ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ Linda Clifford
So have a fabulous weekend  and I’ll be back next week with all the red carpet gossip, so make sure you subscribe.
Love Arlene x

Easter is coming…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and let you know what I’ve been up to so with the Easter break approaching I thought I should give you a quick pre-chocolate-fest catch up.

Did you see this in the Huffington Post: Wise Words I’d love to hear all your words of wisdom!

The project keeping me off the computer and up until all hours at the theatre is Jackie The Musical! I’ve been up in Dundee rehearsing and we opened in Coventry last week and tomorrow, Bromley!

Find out where you can visit the show here:Jackie The Musical

here’s a sneak peak of some of the set and our stairway to Paradise



If you want to know more about @JackieMusical and missed @ITVLorraine 

Jackie on Lorraine

Jackie and me go WAY back in that Hot Gossip featured a number of times in them! Here’s issue number … from…


No sooner did I get back to London then I was off again! This time to Essex, sunny Frinton on Sea to visit the new McCarthy Stone development which was absolutely beautiful and I met some very interesting people who plan on moving there for their retirement. However, the apartments were so beautifully designed and furnished I thought well this is a dream home. IMG_2893


I’m already working on my next project too, this time it’s for Candoco dance company. Joel and Laura are phenomenal and we are using some really moving music I’m so excited as the project will be performed in festivals throughout the summer check out the info here. Here’s a sneak peak:


It’s not all been work work work, last night I did dine at the most delicious restaurant it’s a new venture from Kurt Zdesar called Black Roe and it’s all about poké –  it’s a new one for me but is the most amazing fresh fish on rice with various dressings, a taste of heaven!


This was followed by the best Tarte Tatin ever, with milk ice-cream and I’ve tasted Tarte Tatin EVERYWHERE… this one is a special by chef Jordan Sclare


But I couldn’t resist a shake and bake, big enough for 6 people….


Finally, I leave you with this, incredible creation, it seems people can make anything out of lego these days!

Sending love to you all and I hope to check back in with you very soon.

Arlene x


Fashion Fabulous

I’d like to start this blog with a Happy Monday everybody! As per usual I have been here, there and everywhere, flitting from one fabulous event to the next, up and down the country and of course dancing my way through it all.

From auditions for Starlight Express, to a top secret TV choreography project in Cardiff, it truly has once again been non stop!

And here’s some of what I’ve been up to….

Gossiping at the Pride of Britain Awards… And can we just discuss my divine dress from, Zara! I’m telling you, you don’t have to spend thousands feel a million dollars, and I most certainly did.

IMG_0637 IMG_2051 IMG_2052 IMG_2054

I had an amazing and fascinating lunch at the Science museum with these gorgeous ladies….


Learning all about the Cosmonaughts!

IMG_1907 IMG_1906 IMG_1909

I certainly got my fashion foot forward with the help of my dear friend Louanne, (whom you must know by now as I have mentioned her several times in previous blogs because I adore her so much!) who flew in from Las Vegas for one night only before jetting off round Europe, and I managed to snag her for some serious girl time and vintage Halston. I also bumped into the gorgeous Alex Jones, who is always such a delight to catch up with, and clearly as much of a fashion lover as I am. Can we just appreciate the disco dance floor, now that really takes me back to my days at Studio 54 with Biana Jagger… But I’ll save those stories for the book!

IMG_2087 IMG_2088 IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2091

I was thrilled to be asked to officially open this most fascinating conference as you can see below, Dancing More, Living More at City Hall, bringing healthcare professionals and Public Health England together with the Dance World.

Dance and health experts came together this week (Monday 5 Oct) at a special event organised by the London Mayor’s Office at City Hall to look at the benefits of dance in improving health and wellbeing and its potential to reduce health inequalities.

The Dancing More; Living More conference welcomed leading decision makers from local authorities, health and sport institutions and the NHS as well as senior health and dance professionals from across the country to showcase how dance can benefit people who are currently physically inactive and who may not be interested in traditional sport. Award winning choreographer Arlene Philips; Director for London Public Health England, Yvonne Doyle, Executive Director Arts Council England, Laura Dyer and Jan Burkhardt, Public Health Commissioner and health and dance specialist; Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Executive Member for Public Health Leeds; Ian Rodley, Director of DAZL[Dance Action Zone Leeds]; Tim Joss, Chief Executive of AESOP (Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose); Patrick McGeough, Chief Executive Director for Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) and Fleur Derbyshire-Fox, Director of Engagement English National Ballet Parkinson’s programme were amongst those who attended. 

The event focused on issues such as physical inactivity amongst women and girls who are less likely to take part in sport than their male counterparts, the effect dance can have on children in early years and the impact dance has on older people’s well-being, especially those with dementia or Parkinson’s Disease. 

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, adults should aim to be moderately active for at least 150 minutes a week. In London only 25% of adults are active enough through a wide range of activities including walking, cycling and sport. There are large parts of the population, particularly women and older people, who may not be interested in sport but for whom dance provides a relaxed and sociable way of keeping active. It has many health benefits including improved movement, balance and cardio-vascular fitness. 

As the Mayor’s Big Dance initiative has shown, dance is also hugely popular, attracting people from all ages and backgrounds. It can benefit people’s physical and mental wellbeing, by encouraging them to become more active, it is fun and a social activity that brings communities together. More than 100,000 people were involved in Big Dance in 2014 .

More information about the health benefits of dance is available on the Public Health England National Obesity Observatory: www.noo.org.uk

I’ll leave you with a teaser for the next round of gossip including my opening nights at Kinky Boots and The Father, my divine dinner at the truly beautiful Clos Maggiore, celebrating with my darling Ed Watson on his investiture, and much more… so stay tuned!

Much love,

Arlene x

Here, There and Everywhere

Hello again on this cold and rainy afternoon! I’m writing this to you en route to what is hopefully sunny Southport and leaving the London showers behind… I’ve been all over the country this past few weeks visiting various homes to dance, chat, eat far too many cakes and talk all about my life and times, and I have to say I’m pretty exhausted, yet always spurred on by the thought of inspiring more people my age to get dancing!

Meanwhile back in London last week, I attended the Dot.Com Children’s charity ball hosted by Kristina Rihanoff, along with some other Strictly famous faces, and it really was a moving and beautiful evening I was thrilled to be a part of. I also got to meet Strictly’s new hunks Gleb Savchenko and Giovanni Pernice, I think this year is going to be hotter than ever! It was of course wonderful to catch up with Anton who was hosting the event, and to see my darling Sinitta who once we start the gossip doesn’t stop. You can read all about it in this week’s Hello magazine, and here’s a couple more pics from the event..

IMG_2003 IMG_2007

I also managed so squeeze in a fabulous photoshoot for the British Heart Foundation, encouraging people to donate all their unwanted clothes for their latest campaign, and it really was the dream team on board – Alana doing my makeup, the fabulous Mitch Lumsden on hair and the equally fabulous Nicky Johnston snapping away in what is the most divine lighting I have ever encountered! Here’s a few from behind the scenes…

IMG_1987IMG_1289 IMG_1295

And finally, look who I got to have afternoon tea with, it’s only my dear friend Mark Aldridge and the one and only Holly Johnson, Frankie says relax, so I did! We had a wonderful afternoon catching up over a glass of bubbly of two, and what a treat it was.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back with news and pics of my exclusive afternoon at the Science Museum, and all the gossip from the opening night of Kinky Boots!

Love Arlene x

The Daily Blog Four

So something doesn’t work on a Sunday, and it’s either me, or the internet… Take your pick!

Anyway, I’m back this sunny Monday morning ready to get my week off to a good start… and here are some amazing and exiting pictures of the new laser display and lighting we have put in at Starlight Express Germany to get you going!

stex laser standing ovation round the tracksgirls in spot

Also to inspire you to get up and about, here’s me teaching a disco dance class over at the Alzheimers Society, we were definitely getting our Saturday Night Fever on!

Arlene DAW 15 Arlene DAW 2015 photo

I’ll be back again tomorrow with even more dancing news, so make sure you keep checking back, and I hope you’re all enjoying my mini posts…

Happy Monday!

Love Arlene x

TO also get you

Something for your Sunday

Hello again after another crazy couple of weeks!
I’ve been a busy bee, running, dancing, hopping and yes even spinning around London and a little bit of Germany thrown in for good measure!
I’ll start with my wonderful Valentines day treat to see Atomos by Wayne Mcgregor and Anish Kapoor at Sadlers Wells. It was beautiful and vibrant, and made all the more wonderful because I got to share it with my parter, which as some of you may know is a bit of a rarity!
I had a fabulous time at the Roundhouse with Penny Woolcock for an upcoming project called The Only Place I Can Breathe, which I will tell you more about as soon as I can…
I am also beyond thrilled to announce that I’m working on a dance project with the divine Ed Watson, principal dancer and icon of the Royal Ballet. It’s going to be so exciting getting to create something new and different with a dancer who can move in ways I have truly never seen.
I had a great morning at the BBC for their Get Creative launch catching up with faces old and new. I’m always happy to see dance being championed, and you can bet your life I’ll be there cheering along! You can check it out and get involved here http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/sections/get-creative
I was so lucky to be invited to a special tasting dinner at the Westbury Hotel, which somehow I also managed to get my partner to come along to – that’s twice in one week! As you can see from my pictures, it was beautifully presented, and tasted like little bites of heaven. I will say though, I lost count after roundabout the fifth course and just sort of melted into a food coma! It was perfection all round.
Amuse bouche Dessert1
Make sure you book into the Dance UK conference, I’ll be compering at the launch with the amazing Ashley Banjo on Thursday 9th April to open the amazing programme of events! For more info here http://www.danceuk.org/conference/
I’ve just got back from a few days in Germany working with the new cast of Starlight Express, I swear they just keep on getting more and more talented every year!
I’m totally proud to say I rocked my first spinning class this week, no easy feat I can tell you with my knees, but nonetheless I powered through to sweaty glory.
Finally, a couple of familiar faces I bumped into this week, the enigmatic Judge Rinder and the angelic Jaymi Hemsley from Union J, both firm family favourites in the Phillips house.
AP & Judge Rinder AP with Jaymi
I’ll be back in a few days with more glamorous gossip, so until then I’ll leave you with my new blog sign off I’m calling Arlene’s Advice…
This week is to make the most of every day!
Love Arlene x