Time for a Catch up!


My goodness where has the time gone? This past coupe of weeks have flown by, and I realised it’s been what seem like an age since I last cheked in! Seeing as there’s been so much going on, I’ll give you the edited version rather than make you sit through what could easily be a five page (yet still very exciting!) essay.  

 Starting way back on Monday over two weeks ago, I was treated to a gorgeous long lunch at Le Caprice with my agents, and it was as delicious as you could imagine. The rest of the afternoon was filled with a couple more meetings, a voiceover, and a quick change back at home to get ready for dinner at my new favourite place Balthazar to discuss an exciting top secret new film project! Full as can be from what was essentially a day of dining, I made my way home to bed as the rest of the week was looking busier by the minute…  

 Tuesday I was up early to get my hair done, and of course I couldn’t just sit and relax like most people do in the salon, I was busy giving interviews! You can read my one with the South Wales Echo http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/former-strictly-stars-flavia-vincent-4694501) and listen to my one with Gordon Burns here http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01b1yzl/Gordon_Burns_Arlene_Phillips

After the mornings chat and colour… I arrived at a studio in Islington for my Save the Children Christmas Jumper Campaign shoot. As soon as I have all the details about how you can get involved with their new initiative I’ll let you know, but what I can tell you is what a great afternoon I had! It was lovely to catch up with some of the other celebs involved, including Myleene Klass and Ashleigh and Pudsey, and before I knew it I was jumping in my car to the next port of call! I was opening a new centre on Harley Street for Alliance Medical alongside Joanna Lumley, and I have to tell you the things they can do with these new machines that can somehow make a 4D scan of your body is just remarkable. 


It was another early start on Wednesday, as I made my way to Denman College, Oxford University. I was there to meet the WI to give a talk on Dementia and give exercises and rhythms that may help in the fight in keeping the brain and body active! That evening I went to watch Billy at the Union Theatre, directed by Michael Strassen. It was a stunning production, and lovely to bump into my dear friend and producer extraordinaire David Ian.

 Thurs was yet another early start for a long day of interviews for Care UK, and drinks in the evening with the wonderful Rob Jones.

 Friday was a REALLY early start with an appearance on Daybreak talking about the Nations Favourite Dancer that was on the following Saturday night. Did you watch? Did you agree with the best dance moments – and if not then what are yours? Tweet me and let me know @arlenephillips! 

 The Weekend was a bit of a disaster, starting with driving three hours out of our way to get to a party in Surrey for the Orpheus Trust 15th Birthday.  Nerves fraying, we arrived only a couple of hours late… but I tell you what it was worth every second of temper tantrums in the car to see the incredible work the trust does in providing a music education and  life skills to disabled students. 


Sunday morning I managed to put my back out on the exercise bike, so spent the rest of my day in bed!

 Monday I was feeling a bit more mobile, and managed to make it to a meeting at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s offices about the upcoming Wizard of Oz tour in America.  Then seeing as I was literally next door, I popped into the Ivy Club to meet my darling Debbie Moore for a quick catch up before retiring back to my bed and trying to get the back, back to normal!

 Tuesday I was feeling right as rain, and made my way into town for some top secret filming. I can’t tell you what it was for, but I can show you it involved this lot…


After my more hectic than usual week I was definitely in need of some R&R so I headed off to the country for the week. It was as always utter bliss, and although I popped back to London for some filming over the weekend (more about that in a minute) I’m still here and the relaxation programme is going strong, however I do hate being away from the gang at home, but someone’s got to keep Phillips Towers running!

 As I mentioned, I came back to London for the weekend to film a celebrity edition of The Chase! I was fretting about it for weeks – have you seen some of the questions they ask?! I can’t tell you too much about it yet (as it seems with so much at the moment…) but there was both excitement and stupidity.

 I turned up at auditions for the new cast of We Will Rock You and saw some fabulous dancers and after watching all that activity, I went on eating overload at the opening of Five Guys in Covent Garden.


 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures in showbiz land this week, and I promise to keep up to date so expect more hot gossip coming soon! 


Love Arlene

PS If you’re keen to get your dancing seen check this Dance competition from Danceamatic out! 


Better Late than Never!

Hi all,

So it’s the start of the so called summer holidays, who’s stuck here in the rain and who’s managed to escape for some sun? And could someone please bring some back for me?

I’ve super busy this past week, and let me tell you finding glamorous outfits to wear in this weather isn’t easy!

Wednesday was the launch of The Big Dance 2012 http://www.bigdance2012.com/  at St Pancras station, where the fabulous choreographer Kate Prince had young dancers from all over the UK strutting their stuff and getting everyone around them up and dancing, including myself and the Mayor Boris Johnson!

Then it was on to fittings for my new Marisota collection that I had a shoot for later in the week (more about that to come!) and I know I always say it but I really am most excited about the latest designs.  It’s very different from anything I’ve done previously, and you’ll soon see why…

Thursday was office mania with Coco and Tully – it’s getting so hectic even my PA needs a PA!

Fri was an early start in Manchester where I was filming for a campaign I’m working on with Save the Children, that highlights the unimaginable poverty kids are living in right here in the UK.  We visited a young girl and her 2yr old son who lived just outside of Bradford in Keighley, and the steps she has taken towards making a better life for her and her son by using the help available from Save the Children is just fantastic, but still heartbreaking to see.  To find out more about how to get involved or donate click here  Bizarrely, it’s the second time filming in the exact same area in one month, as I was there only a couple of weeks ago with the Antiques Roadtrip, and not only that, until then I’d never even been there!

The weekend was great fun, on Saturday I attended a fabulous fundraiser dinner for the Jamie Oliver foundation, where we were entertained and scammed by Alexis Conran from The Real Hustle

I spend most of Sunday rifling through the rails at a local vintage fair, that I always get very excited about whenever it’s on, and this time was no exception!

Monday I was thrilled and very lucky to attend a private viewing of the Picasso exhibition at the Tate Britain that was arranged by the wonderful Margaret McCabe of Debate-Mate.  I learnt so much my brain was practically spinning, all of it utterly fascinating though.

Tuesday was the auction for Richard Hopkins, a young, enigmatic producer I had the pleasure of working with at the BBC for many years, who sadly passed away from cancer last year.  It’s tragic for someone so young with so much talent, and the support from all in attendance to raise money to help fight this so far incurable disease was really overwhelming.  It was at the Paramount club at the top of the Centrepoint building on Tottenham Court Road, where the views were simply breathtaking.  It was lovely to see so many familiar faces, and some of the prizes available in the silent auction were just mindblowing.

I spend Wednesday running around in town trying to find all the bits and pieces one seems to need on a regular basis, until it was time for grand opening of my dear friend Fiona’s new beauty clinic Skin Associates on Wimpole Street.  It’s a one stop beauty shop with anything and everything you could possibly want.  From the the more lightweight options such as nails, tanning, lash extensions, massage and facials, the non surgical procedures such as the Indiba machine that I used to keep my skin firm, laser hair removal and some magical sounding weight loss laser (which I’ll be queuing up to get on!) and then of course for the more daring of your there’s all sorts of Botox and fillers, and even their very own top plastic surgeon Paul Banwell who can pretty much do anything you want! I’m am however most proud to say you’ll be able to book my very own personal makeup artist (and daughter!) Alana there for anything to do with makeup you could imagine.  Makeovers, tips, celebrity makeup secrets, weddings and more, book in with Alana to find your perfect look http://www.skinassociates.co.uk/

After I left Fiona’s I made my way across town to the screening of the upcoming BBC4 Kenny Everett biopic that’s showing this autumn, and is an absolute must see.  I sobbed all my makeup off, and was still going when I got home!   The drama is so true to life, and it brought back so many wonderful memories of my days working with him and Hot Gossip, and just what a special person he truly was.

Thursday was a long yet very exciting meeting with the Lord himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the rest of the creative team all about the new changes going into the upcoming touring production of The Wizard of Oz in Canada.  Then it was off to Milton Keynes to check in on Midnight Tango, and make sure the show is still looking as fantastic as ever, and boy was it!  Vincent and Flavia are utterly spellbinding, and if you STILL haven’t seen it then GO!  I was accompanied by the show’s director and my long time friend Karen Bruce, and of course the two of us not paying any attention managed to get on the slowest train possible, but filled the time with the fastest gossiping ever!

Friday was Youth Dance England’s U Dance festival, where dance groups from all ovet the country performed pieces they had choreographed themselves, the most powerful and definitely my favourite was a group from Cardiff, with kids aged from 8-18yrs called Unique that really blew me away.

Saturday was spent with my wonderful family, as being here there and everywhere during the week meant I didn’t get to see too much of them!

To finish off my week of dance I spend Sunday at the 02, judging the Dance Make You’re Move contest on behalf of the British Red Cross.  It was an extraordinary event where dance and storytelling was brought together by schools from all over the UK creating pieces depicting events that the Red Cross has been involved in, many of which moved me to tears.

So after such a busy time I’m going to pretty much hibernate over the next few days, and I’ll be back with more stories soon.

Enjoy the rain…

Arlene xx

Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, I want to keep you entertained and up to date with my sometimes fabulous, sometimes crazy and most of all exciting life! I want to share the parties, the celebs, the glamour and all the hot gossip going on. Subscribe to my blog for all my secrets on keeping yourself looking and feeling great, and to find out what I’ve been up to.

This week I’m taking some well earned time off after spending the past fed months wrapped up in the world of Flashdance. The opening night was so exciting with all my family and friends there. I wore a navy velvet vintage dress with one of the jewelled brooches from my collection, and my little sequinned Matthew Williamson jacket I wore on the Strictly tour last year.

The aftershow party was fantastic, it was lovely to catch up with Duncan James who had just flown back from LA, he really is as gorgeous in real life and we stared at the Flashdance ice sculpture together!

I also did some filming for the new series of So You Think You Can Dance as one of last season’s finalists Robbie White is in the show, just goes to show where these amazing opportunities can take you!

I also seem to have been spending a lot of time this past week at the Ivy Club and a lot of time with the lovely Debbie Moore. I’ve had a few meetings there – where I have also spied the fabulous Louie Spence – Debbie and I had a great catch up over lunch, and then we found ourselves working together judging a children’s dance competition to launch my new range of books, Alana Dancing Star at the Bloomsbury festival.

Anyway that’s all for now, got to go and start planning what next week has in store…

Bye for now

Love Arlene x