Missing Ms Molly

It is with the heaviest heart and deepest sadness I am writing this tribute to my dearest and longtime friend and mentor, Molly Molloy. A women who changed not only my life, but helped, taught and inspired so many through dance. Not long ago I was with her at the hospital, talking about our lives together, and trying as best I could, along with her son Matt, to make her last few days happy and peaceful. I know this news came as a shock to many, as Molly kept her cancer battle very private, and it is with great love and sadness I share these pictures, and say goodbye Molly, my friend, always in my heart. x

Molly MollyMolly dancing

The First Days of Summer 1/3

It’s been a perfectly glorious start to the summer, despite the odd rainy day, with some much needed family time at the Herefordshire Hideaway. As usual the dinners, desserts, conversation and local Chase vodka was flowing, and it was a perfect remedy for what had been a rather sombre previous week in New York.

Back in the big smoke it was down to business as usual, although who could call catching up with the dreamy Russian dance god Gleb work…


I had a wonderful evening at the very glamorous Caldwell Children Butterfly Ball, hosted by the exquisitely beautiful Rachel Stevens, where I caught up with the gorgeous Simon Webbe, and got to watch the legend that is Burt Bacharach perform! .

I’m so thrilled to say that the celebrity gala night of Jackie the Musical at Wimbledon theatre was a roaring success, made all the more so by a screaming audience of fans, friends and family, I can truly say we have a real hit!

I’ve still got all the goss from the Ab Fab movie premiere, my fabulous and very exclusive invite to Jackie St Clair’s summer party, plus my night watching dance divas Natalia Osipova and Sergei Polunin to write about, so make sure you check back in a couple of days!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine…

Love Arlene x

Starlight over the Southbank

What a supremely theatrical couple of weeks its been, from Starlight to the Southbank, I have been lucky enough so be surrounded by so much talent, inspiration and love for our theatre community, it makes me so proud to be a part of it.

Working with the new cast for the…28th year of Starlight Express in Germany was such a joy, and I can’t wait to be able to share with you the new exciting new changes we’re making to the show for the incredible 30th birthday year coming up!

I was so honoured to attend the Southbank Awards alongside some of the industry’s finest, including sone of my dearest friends Debbie Moore, Gillian Lynne and Edward Watson. There’s even a sneaky picture of me from the awards a couple of years ago, can you spot it? I have to say however, despite catching up on all the usual gossip, I found myself completely engaged with the enigmatic Eddie Izzard, who’s knowledge and passion for remaining in the EU is simply astounding, and I only hope that his campaign can inspire as many as possible to vote for our future and stay stronger united.


I had such a beautiful evening at the Royal Albert Hall with my two girls to watch the English National Ballet’s production of Swan Lake in the round, with 60 swans, and the most heartbreakingly beautiful Odette/Odile I have ever seen. It was wonderful to catch up with one of my oldest friends Tracey Ullman, new friend Matthew Morrison, and new dance crush Cesar Corrales, who sadly wasn’t performing that night due to injury, and that I hope will be back on his feet asap so I can watch whatever he is doing next!

attends Swan Lake at The Royal Albert Hall on June 2, 2016 in London, England.

I’ll be posting a special tribute this week to Molly Molly, my mentor and lifelong friend who tragically passed away this week, and I’d like to thank everyone for all your kind and heartfelt messages I’ve received this past few days, they mean more than you know.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Much love, Arlene x


Busy Busy Busy and a Birthday

Hi all,

I’m going to make this post as succinct as possible, as its filled with people, places, pictures, premieres, presents and pretty much non stop life for the past couple of weeks!

Starting with my night at the special Alzheimer’s Research UK launch of the new free game app, Sea Hero Quest, that is helping collect years of data by us all taking part and playing for at least 10mins, and you can get involved here! http://www.alzheimersresearchuk.org/our-research/what-we-do/sea-hero-quest/ #gameforgood
 I had the most wonderful and inspiring evening at the screening of new film Dancer about Sergei Poulunin, dance god and bad boy of the Royal Ballet, alongside my dear friend Debbie Moore. Make sure you watch the trailer here…http://www.westendfilms.com/films/current/dancer
I had lunch with the divine Jeremy Sams, dinner with my darling Louanne, and the most magnificent feast with my beautiful family at new restaurant Frenchie, because… It was my Birthday week! I was spoilt with the most heavenly flowers, sweet cards thoughtful and exquisite gifts, I felt so lucky, and thank you all for the wonderful messages I received on my twitter, Insta and Facebook, I read each and every one x
Of course the birthday party was over before it had even begun and I was back filming for a new TV series – of which I can’t say much about, but it’s certainly had me digging in my archives…
Speaking of birthdays, it was the Roar Global 10 year anniversary party, and well I’m sure you’ll recognise a few of the following faces…
Did you know it was Dementia Awareness week? Here’s an article I did in the Express recently about my experience with my father, and what’s its like to live with and help someone with Dementia.
Alzheimer’s Society is urging people to confront dementia head on during Dementia Awareness Week which runs until May 21. You can also get involved by becoming a Dementia Friend or if you like Cakes, check out the 16th June Cupcake day! Get your free kit here https://cupcakeday.alzheimers.org.uk
Cupcake Day image
You can check out me and Nina Myskow (the editor of Jackie Magazine back in the 70s) chatting to gorgeous Graham Norton here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03ryydx
AP Graham Norton and Nina Myskow
As you know, I’ve working on a duet for two of the most incredible Candoco dancers Joel and Laura in a new piece I’ve created called You and I Know, commissioned by Without Walls. We had our premiere last weekend, to rapturous applause and many tears, and you can find out where it will be performed and what it’s about here, I truly am so incredibly proud if this http://www.candoco.co.uk/productions/repertory/current/new-duet-with-arlene-phillips/
And finally, here’s a few more I took for fun!
Make sure you keep up with all my latest pics on the go by following me on Instagram @arlenephillipsofficial, and of course my Twitter @arlenephillips, and I’ll be back next week with news from Starlight Germany, and all the gossip from the celebrity gala night of Jackie in Wimbledon!
Have a gorgeous weekend,
Love Arlene x

Fabulous Florence

i was overjoyed to spend a week in the most beautiful city of Florence, where living and breathing art and culture has given me so much inspiration for some upcoming projects I’m working on, how could I not want to share all this beauty with you!

From walking through the blooming Bobboli Gardens, marvelling at the mausoleums of the Medici, the breathtaking views over the city from the top of Il Duomo, as well as marvelling at the intricate ceiling. The paintings and sculptures, even the day to day architecture of the shops and houses, and of course it wouldn’t be an Arlene blog without a mention of food… namely the 330, 000 white truffle I got a tiny taste of, and with all the walking I was doing it was only fair to treat myself to a bit of my favourite liquorice ice cream! I have to say though my highlight of the trip was standing in awe at Botticelli’s Venus, you really feel as though you are in the presence of something truly divine.

Choosing a select few pictures from the millions I took was no easy task, and I hope you like the following…

I’ll be back later in the week with all the gossip from my crazy past week of meetings, dinners, parties, filming, family, food and fabulous friends!

Ciao for now!

Arlene x

NYC You Later

They say home is where the heart is, but every time I return I definitely leave a piece of mine in New York. A week flew past, filled with friends, family, theatre, shopping, eating, drinking and pretty much everything else I could fit in between, in the city that never sleeps.

So I’ll start with my mini theatre reviews, that go something like this…

I couldn’t race back to Hamilton fast enough, and became even more obsessed the second time of seeing it than I could have ever imagined. It’s 16 nominations for Tony Awards are totally deserved, the show is an absolute revelation in musical theatre.


Waitress was a truly wonderful musical, that I couldn’t believe how at the drop of a hat I went from laughter to full on tears, a real rollercoaster of emotions in this simple and very sweet production, with beautiful music by Sarah Bareilles.

American Psycho felt flashier and not quite as dark as when I first saw it in London. Nevertheless, it was exciting, and all the more so because as soon as the show finished, I went off partying with Lynne Page the choreographer, Holly James who went to Broadway from the UK company and the star of the show Benjamin Walker, cocktails ahoy!

I then went to see Paramour, the new broadway show created by Cirque du Soleil. I wanted to go because it starred Ruby Lewis who played Scaramouche on the US tour of We Will Rock You, but I just wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing. A Broadway show or a Cirque show, the jury is out on this one…

I had lots of great meetings, including one about forming a dance company to tour the US, truly exciting… and much to keep you posted on there!

As always, food played an important role, and it seemed all my dates took me to the Blue Fin as they know I love sushi, but Mr Theatre himself, currently working on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway hit School Of Rock, Jamie Forshaw took me to my old favourite, reminding me of the many many times I’d worked in New York –  Joe Allens.

I decided for the benefit of my health to pound the streets and walked a minimum of about 50 blocks per day…. of course this gave me licence for the odd indulgence in ice-cream, and couldn’t wait to devour my favourite flavour, candyfloss!

It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends old and new, who are truly angels, and I can’t wait for my next trip back…


Was I actually In the Heights?

IMG_3150Mormons and Flashdancers… Whatever next!

Tune in next week for everything about my divine trip to Florence!

Love Arlene x

A Spring in my Step

I think its safe to say that spring is finally here… Just as I have sprung from my bed after what has been the longest illness ever! There’s been so much going on, it’s a blog full of fun, and here’s what I’ve been up to
Starting with my night out at Jersey Boys for the 8th birthday celebration show, which was, as always, a stunning show. The new cast brought such a blast of energy I was on the edge of my seat all over again, dancing away, laughing and crying, and just taking in all those wonderful memories it always invokes in me of that era.


 I had a wonderful time visiting the gorgeous gang at Loose Women…
I know I mentioned it last week, but there’s still time to enter the Colourful Characters competition from McCarthy and Stone, if you missed me on the radio talking about it you can catch up here  and check out the competition page here!
I’ve been having such an incredible time working on my dance project with Candoco, so make sure you check the website for tkts and tour dates here!

I was also so excited to attended the launch for the incredible new No7 serum, that truly works wonders on my skin, closing pores and smoothing out wrinkles… An absolute must have, that also gets the seal of approval from my makeup guru Alana! IMG_5186

And finally, because it’s spring…


Lots of love and lambs! Arlene x