Christmas Blogs and Baubles

It’s CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAAS! And I hope you are all enjoying your presets and turkey, and being surrounded by love and family, as I currently am on my one and very much needed day off!

To say the panto schedule has been hectic is an understatement, but I am loving every minute of it, having so much fun with my fabulous co stars Matthew Kelly, Tim Vine and my dear friend of many years Paul Baker.

I’ve been a fabulous flying fairy for the past couple of weeks, and with only a few more to go make sure you get down to the New Wimbledon Theatre sharpish before I fly off into the sky forever!

Thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts and flowers I’ve been sent, including these amazing cupcakes from the CakeGenie Alison Powell, and some divine truffles handmade by my darling Abi!

Press Night was so much fun, with and great to catch up with the fabulous Miss Lizzie Cundy and the supremely talented Collabro, and even some good reviews to wake up to, what more could a girl want.
I’ve most definitely taken up refuge in the Chicken Shop across the road… (There’s a joke in there somewhere…) Spending all breaks consuming copious amounts of chicken, coffee and their heavenly apple pie, lets hope my costume still fits by the end of the run! I did however manage to make it up to The Ivy Cafe in Wimbledon village for some festive fun, and myself Paul Baker raided the shops for some Christmas gifts, and maybe a few for ourselves as well…
Look what Marmite sent me Thanks for my lovely personalised jar!
I’ll leave you with Romeo the ballet cat, giving us his festive dance pose, and wishing us peace on earth, joy and goodwill to all men, but maybe not dogs.
Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017, may all your fairy wishes come true!
Love Arlene x


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