The Entire Universe in 27 Days

I can’t even begin to describe that past couple of weeks, the highs, the lows, the tantrums and tiaras… It certainly has been epic, magical and mind blowing all in one go – and I’ve made it out the other side! I’m currently sat in paradise, in my little country cottage, feet up, family around, recovering from the whirlwind I’m going to share with you now!

Opening night of 27 arrived to mixed, but mainly sensational reviews, and I have to say if you still haven’t seen it you have till October 22nd to make sure you do! 27 Here is me loving life in this photo with the some of the overwhelmingly talented cast Cassie Compton, Jack Donnelly, Ryan Molloy and Jason Kajdi, out incredible writer Sam Cassidy and special guests for the night Noel Fielding and Tim Minchin. There are no words for how proud I am of what we have achieved, West End transfer anyone?


I was as you know also working round the clock to create the Entire Universe alongside Eric Idle and Brian Cox, that after a couple of crazy days at Elstree studios I am SO excited for you all to see it this christmas! Working with the genius of these two, as well and the amazing Noel Fielding and Warwick Davis, my allstar assistant Richard Roe and my fabulous team of dancers – whom thanks to my darling daughter Alana designing their makeup looked nothing short of sensational! I can’t reveal any proper snaps yet, you’ll just have to wait and see, and believe me its worth the wait!

I was lucky enough to attend the very glamorous Aspinal event for London Fashion Week at Claridges, and what a treat that was! Especially spying actual David Gandy in the flesh…

I also popped in to see Gaby Roslin to talk about the genius of 27, and found a few friends along the way!

img_4664I’ll leave you with this however, in a word, retirement?!


Until next time, Love Arlene x


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