Vegas Baby!

Hi all,

What a time I’ve been having recently! I wanted to start off by saying just how amazing the auditions were for the upcoming projects I’m working on, 27 musical and the new Eric Idle and Professor Brian Cox TV special, the talent was just outstanding! Makes creating and choreographing all the more exciting, but I’ll tell you more about all that soon, this blog is all about Vegas baby!

So off I set off for the airport with Abi (who was assisting me for the week) in tow to catch yet another delayed flight, just my luck every trip recently, thanks again BA – which meant that the late arrival already messed up the first nights dinner meeting, but we made it safe and sound and straight in to the 100 degree heat!

Despite the furnace like temperature, it was all systems go with the first days meetings off to a great start, there’s something so inspiring about the excitement all around you there you can’t help but get totally drawn in. That night was the 10th anniversary show and celebration of Cirque du Soleil’s Love at the Mirage, and there to celebrate with me was my dear friend Tony Selznik, agent to some of LA’s hottest dancers – some of whom were starring in the show – and his fabulous team at MSA, including the gorgeous Julie MacDonald. The show was divine, the party even more so, and both Abi and I were just running on excitement as the jetlag was definitely starting to kick in by the end of the night.

Still it was up and off again for more meetings, this time at my one of my favourite restaurants Spago at Caesars Palace, where I have been coming since way back when! Speaking of favourite restaurants, I have a new one to add after the most wonderful dinner at Alyze at the Palms with the one and only Nigel Lythgoe, long time friend and dance god who was also in town, and boy did we gossip the night away!

As always, I have to see as much as possible, and this is made possible by the Vegas way of double evening shows at 7 and 9:30, so there we were running between the hotels, dashing from theatre to theatre – which given the size of these places is no small feat! We saw by Cirque du Soleil Zumanity, Micheal Jackson and Mystere – which I have to say is never to be missed! Baz by Baz Lurhman at the Palazzo was interesting, as was the new show by Penn and Teller, and anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love magic due to my days working in Vegas on the incredible EFX starring Micheal Crawford at the MGM Grand.

In the spirit of all EFX memories, Abi and I had a gorgeous lunch at Wolfgang Puck at the MGM, which for many months was pretty much my local!

It was so wonderful also to catch up with my dear friend Jerry Nadal over brunch at the Aria, who I was lucky enough to also see recently in London, but too much is never enough of this one.

Of course Louanne was by my side most of the time as well, who I know I have talked about numerous times in past posts, and although I can’t reeeeallly say too much at the moment, what I will say is that we’ve got something pretty hot in the pipeline… So just watch this space!

I think for the first time there was no shop till you drop type mall excursions, and only a morning left for a quick brunch at the Wynn before it was goodbye McCarran international and hello Heathrow!

As always, Vegas was a crazy, exiting, interesting and inspiring experience, yet of course as always, I am so happy to be home.

But not for long! I’m off to the sunny south of France for a week of work and the occasional wine with the fabulous Mr Eric Idle!

Back soon….
Love always,
Arlene X

Now for your enjoyment… The photos!

Arlene+Phillips+Beatles+LOVE+Cirque+du+Soleil+yh8grskR2MUlAP & NIgel Lithgoe Vegas

IMG_0899IMG_0927IMG_0948IMG_0951IMG_0956IMG_0973IMG_0976 (1)IMG_0986 (1)IMG_0988IMG_0990 (1)IMG_0996 (1)IMG_0999 (1)IMG_1003IMG_1006 (1)IMG_1013 (1)NIgel's vegas


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