Missing Ms Molly

It is with the heaviest heart and deepest sadness I am writing this tribute to my dearest and longtime friend and mentor, Molly Molloy. A women who changed not only my life, but helped, taught and inspired so many through dance. Not long ago I was with her at the hospital, talking about our lives together, and trying as best I could, along with her son Matt, to make her last few days happy and peaceful. I know this news came as a shock to many, as Molly kept her cancer battle very private, and it is with great love and sadness I share these pictures, and say goodbye Molly, my friend, always in my heart. x

Molly MollyMolly dancing

One comment on “Missing Ms Molly

  1. Maureen Haworth says:

    Dear Arlene, I am so sorry for your loss. I remember, you have known her since leaving Manchester. Old friends and colleagues like her have a special place in your heart and life.
    My sincere condolences,
    Love MaureenX

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