Fabulous Florence

i was overjoyed to spend a week in the most beautiful city of Florence, where living and breathing art and culture has given me so much inspiration for some upcoming projects I’m working on, how could I not want to share all this beauty with you!

From walking through the blooming Bobboli Gardens, marvelling at the mausoleums of the Medici, the breathtaking views over the city from the top of Il Duomo, as well as marvelling at the intricate ceiling. The paintings and sculptures, even the day to day architecture of the shops and houses, and of course it wouldn’t be an Arlene blog without a mention of food… namely the 330, 000 white truffle I got a tiny taste of, and with all the walking I was doing it was only fair to treat myself to a bit of my favourite liquorice ice cream! I have to say though my highlight of the trip was standing in awe at Botticelli’s Venus, you really feel as though you are in the presence of something truly divine.

Choosing a select few pictures from the millions I took was no easy task, and I hope you like the following…

I’ll be back later in the week with all the gossip from my crazy past week of meetings, dinners, parties, filming, family, food and fabulous friends!

Ciao for now!

Arlene x

One comment on “Fabulous Florence

  1. reescb says:

    Florence is such a beautiful city with a unique atmosphere. Art, food and wine, so much to photograph, and then there’s the Aperol. Wonderful! You look to have really enjoyed it, Arlene.

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