NYC You Later

They say home is where the heart is, but every time I return I definitely leave a piece of mine in New York. A week flew past, filled with friends, family, theatre, shopping, eating, drinking and pretty much everything else I could fit in between, in the city that never sleeps.

So I’ll start with my mini theatre reviews, that go something like this…

I couldn’t race back to Hamilton fast enough, and became even more obsessed the second time of seeing it than I could have ever imagined. It’s 16 nominations for Tony Awards are totally deserved, the show is an absolute revelation in musical theatre.


Waitress was a truly wonderful musical, that I couldn’t believe how at the drop of a hat I went from laughter to full on tears, a real rollercoaster of emotions in this simple and very sweet production, with beautiful music by Sarah Bareilles.

American Psycho felt flashier and not quite as dark as when I first saw it in London. Nevertheless, it was exciting, and all the more so because as soon as the show finished, I went off partying with Lynne Page the choreographer, Holly James who went to Broadway from the UK company and the star of the show Benjamin Walker, cocktails ahoy!

I then went to see Paramour, the new broadway show created by Cirque du Soleil. I wanted to go because it starred Ruby Lewis who played Scaramouche on the US tour of We Will Rock You, but I just wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing. A Broadway show or a Cirque show, the jury is out on this one…

I had lots of great meetings, including one about forming a dance company to tour the US, truly exciting… and much to keep you posted on there!

As always, food played an important role, and it seemed all my dates took me to the Blue Fin as they know I love sushi, but Mr Theatre himself, currently working on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway hit School Of Rock, Jamie Forshaw took me to my old favourite, reminding me of the many many times I’d worked in New York –  Joe Allens.

I decided for the benefit of my health to pound the streets and walked a minimum of about 50 blocks per day…. of course this gave me licence for the odd indulgence in ice-cream, and couldn’t wait to devour my favourite flavour, candyfloss!

It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends old and new, who are truly angels, and I can’t wait for my next trip back…


Was I actually In the Heights?

IMG_3150Mormons and Flashdancers… Whatever next!

Tune in next week for everything about my divine trip to Florence!

Love Arlene x

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