New Knee, New Me


Coming to you live from my recovery bed, what a way to start my year! After limping my way round New York at the end of last year with what I though was a bit of bruised knee… Well I only went and tore my miniscus! So here I am, off to a cracking start, high kicking my way to recovery after a deliciously divine and rather over indulgent Christmas. From our enormous tree, to the heavenly lunch cooked by my partner, the gifts, surrounded by my dearest friends and family, not to mention I am now about 90% cheese… it was a wonderful way to end what has been yet another crazy and brilliant year.

The night before my surgery I was of course not at home resting but having a fabulous time at the press night for the new production of Guys and Dolls at the Savoy, and whilst showing off my gorgeous new Valentino boots (thank you Selfridges sale!) I bumped into the equally gorgeous Robert Lindsey!

I also sadly want to pay tribute to Robert Stigwood, a man I had the pleasure of working closely with for many years, most memorably on Grease and Saturday Night Fever. He never failed to send flowers on my birthday and at Christmas, we had our good times, and boy did we have our fights, but I learnt so much from this great man, a true gent to the end, and I will miss him greatly.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a bit of inspiration, as it’s a new year, a new blog, and whole new knee – I mean me! So here you are…


… and walk into 2016 ready to rock!

Love always,

Arlene x


One comment on “New Knee, New Me

  1. Maureen Williams Haworth says:

    It was Miss Tweedy’s fault – 32 fouettés in exam means 64 and more in class! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Maureen Williams Haworth

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