The Food One 

So here it is, my litte foody blog about my divine dinner at Pied a Terre, and my cheeky appearance on Saturday Kitchen!   

So much food, so much wine I basically rolled home and didn’t could hardly for at least the next week – nothing else could compare! Every dish was a little bite of heaven. 

Also, in case you missed it, here I am on Saturday Kitchen, eating up a storm…

So I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! There’s more pics to come of me and my new chef buddies… I’m turning in to quote the foodie… And I’ve still yet to tell you all about Masterchef! 

Back soon….

Love Arlene x 

Mini Blogs Are Back!

So here we go again… A mini daily catch up on the past couple of weeks in pictures! Starting with my evening at the Sky South Bank awards and hanging out with the brilliant Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan – Steve whom I first worked with 30 years ago can you believe! And as always my partner in crime the divine Miss Debbie Moore.

So keep checking in for your morning updates, there’s plenty more to come…!

Love as always,

Arlene x

IMG_1393 IMG_1391 IMG_1389