The Daily Blog 1


Here is the first of my daily mini blogs coming to you over the next week to catch you up on all my recent goings on! Short and sweet, I want to fill you in on all my exciting adventures that I know I’ve been a bit rubbish at doing… oops!

So here’s me and my darling Debbie Moore at the opening of Gypsy, which was a simply stunning production. Imelda Staunton was truly something else, what a performance! The supporting cast a dream, and the show an overall success. I loved it! It was wonderful as always to see Paul O’Grady, we do love a wicked gossip, and as well got to talk to Imelda and catch up with my old friend Lesley Joseph, who looks incredible I have to say. Us older ladies are keeping up the side if I do say so myself… Seeing as it was my, oh boy, 72nd birthday last week I think I might be starting to feel it… as if! But I’ll tell you more about my delicious birthday dinner and beautiful gifts later in the week, and make sure you check back tomorrow to hear my exciting news I can now officially share with you…

Until then,

Love Arlene x

AP Gypsy AP Debbie Paul oG & Jane McDonald AP Gypsy ready AP PAul o G DEBBIE

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