It’s a Weekend Whopper

It’s A Whopper!
Hello again my long lost blog buddies, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful weather, I know I haven’t! I have been from rehearsal studio, to TV studio, to the office, to the theatre, to the library, back to the rehearsal studio, to another rehearsal studio… you get my drift!
I have so many pictures of all my adventures so far, and I thought I’d bombard you with them rather than bore you to death with any more goings on about rehearsal studios… What I will say however is the fabulous time I’m having rehearsing with not only my beautiful Ed Watson over at the Royal Opera House, but also over the other side of London with my long time darling friend Lorna Luft, for the Judy Garland show I am working on. We have been friends since way back in the 70’s, and let me tell you there in no shortage of stories from our nights out at Studio 54, but I’ll save those for another time… Until then here’s all the info about the show and where you can book your tickets I also popped into the Lorraine studio to chat with the lovely one herself all about it, which you can catch up on here
IMG_1212AP & LorraineCDXL7T1WMAAjdgR
I had a fabulous time hosting the DanceUK conference launch with the incredibly talented (and tall!) Ashley Banjo, who towering above me at 6.5 made for a rather comedic view. It was a fantastic few days, and so wonderful to be surrounded by the industries finest, and the most incredible new and upcoming talent. I also got to chair a discussion with some of my highly esteemed colleagues, and friends, which I have to say I just loved doing. The official line was as follows… Chair: Arlene Phillips CBE, An artistic discussion about musical theatre and creativity with world renowned directors and choreographers, chaired by Arlene Phillips, in conversation with Anthony Van LaastStephen Mear and Alistair David. How exciting! 
AP & ASHLEY IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1148 IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1144
I also attended a night of divine dance with my dear friend Mrs Rockgod (AKA Flea Keeble) at Sadlers Wells for the National Youth Dance Company, who were performing a premiere of Frame(d) by guest Artistic Director Sidi Larbi Cherkaouiwith.
I had a very moving morning giving a reading in memory of Anne Frank #notsilent at the beautiful British Library, marking 70 years of Anne Frank. Her courage and bravery are true inspiration to us all, and should never be forgotten. I also got to meet the CEO of the British Library Roly Keating, who was truly fascinating, and it was overall a really wonderful and thought provoking morning.
DSC_9422 DSC_9410 DSC_9377
I’ll be back next week to tell you all about my night at Gypsy, and my very well deserved day off! I’m going to be posting some pop up blogs so make sure you keep a look out for those, just little spur of the moment posts when I’m on the go, so I hope you like them!
I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate, and I’ll be back before you know it!
Love always,
Arlene x

4 comments on “It’s a Weekend Whopper

  1. Maureen Williams Haworth says:

    Hello Arlene,

    Many congratulations on your fabulous career – It has been a long time since we were both at Miss Tweedy’s! Now I can live vicariously…

    30 yrs in the States, still teaching and performing. Good training transcends trends!

    Love, Maureen Williams Haworth.

    • Dear Maureen,

      How absolutely delightful to hear from you and thank you for following my ramblings! What a special lady Miss Tweedy was! Where in the States are you, how wonderful you’re still teaching and performing.

      Love Arlene xx

      • Maureen Haworth says:

        Dear Arlene,

        Thank you I had no idea you had replied, just found it – made my day! (Not the world’s most techy person so I must have missed it somehow). How amazing you even remember me! I love to read your blog. I moved away from the UK to Germany then to Mpls so i lost touch… Miss Tweedy’s incredible yet sensible teaching has been my passport.

        I would have dearly loved to have followed you down to London, but my mother put a firm stop to any of that. Regretted not defying her ever since.

        My family live in Minneapolis where i am free-lance teaching mainly ballet companies. Semi retired, but was on the faculty of Minnesota Dance Theatre and Ballet Arts Minnesota since moving here in “88..

        Co-incidentally, my husband and I “followed your ramblings” with a trip to Florence a couple of weeks ago, business for him, short break for me. Drove down to Rome to meet up with my very first dancing teacher! In Rome for one day only! This lively fascinating, still doing choreography 82yr old was en route from her home in Melbourne to Bury, breaking her trip in Italy. What a night of reminiscing.

        Sorry, I am rambling on… So happy for you to have fulfilled and surpassed your dreams. You deserve it. We all looked up to you and your work ethic. Was it Miss Tweedy who said; “Talent without work is a waste and work without talent is futile, but together they make an artist”.

        Much love,


      • Dear Maureen,

        Lovely to hear from you and thank you for reminding me of Miss Tweedy’s saying. Wise words.

        Love Arlene

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