The Daily Blog Three

Oh what a night! Off I went to meet my dear friend and date Cjay at Drury Lane dressed up and ready for The BAFTA’s. The first person I bumped into on the red carpet, the brilliant James Corden over to the UK for one night only. Then in quick succession I caught up with friends Christine Bleakley, John Bishop, Konnie Huq and her remarkable and witty husband Charlie Brooker. The show was brilliant, and super speedy and before I knew it we were heading off to the Dorchester for dinner and late night partying, where I chatted to Graham Norton, Anton du Beke, the magical Dynamo and so many others my jaw was aching! So, why was I there you might ask? Because Monty Python Live had been nominated for an award! Sad to say, we didn’t win, but that didn’t let us stop partying on. Needless to say I was completely wrecked the next day, but I blame it on coming down with a nasty bug, and not those bellinis… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Why no photos you might ask? Well that’s because I was so busy gossiping away, it completely slipped my mind and for once just left everyone free of my iPhone! It was an amazing night, and here’s a clever piccy taken by not me for once!

AP hand

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and I’ll be back in the morning with news and some amazing photos from my trip to Starlight Express in Germany…

See you in the morning!

Love Ax

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The Daily Blog 2

Good Morning,

I wanted to be up bright and early to officially announce to you all… That I am (hopefully what can be described as!) cooking in this years Celebrity Masterchef! I’m so excited, and although I’m not allowed to tell you any more details as yet, one thing I will say is that kitchen is hot hot hot!


It’s going to be such an exciting series, and I’ll be keeping you up to date with all the goss as the show goes along, so make sure you tune in!

I hope you have a happy, sunny Thursday, and I’ll be back later with all my adventures at this years BAFTAS…

Now where’s my coffee, it’s far too early!

Love Arlene x

The Daily Blog 1


Here is the first of my daily mini blogs coming to you over the next week to catch you up on all my recent goings on! Short and sweet, I want to fill you in on all my exciting adventures that I know I’ve been a bit rubbish at doing… oops!

So here’s me and my darling Debbie Moore at the opening of Gypsy, which was a simply stunning production. Imelda Staunton was truly something else, what a performance! The supporting cast a dream, and the show an overall success. I loved it! It was wonderful as always to see Paul O’Grady, we do love a wicked gossip, and as well got to talk to Imelda and catch up with my old friend Lesley Joseph, who looks incredible I have to say. Us older ladies are keeping up the side if I do say so myself… Seeing as it was my, oh boy, 72nd birthday last week I think I might be starting to feel it… as if! But I’ll tell you more about my delicious birthday dinner and beautiful gifts later in the week, and make sure you check back tomorrow to hear my exciting news I can now officially share with you…

Until then,

Love Arlene x

AP Gypsy AP Debbie Paul oG & Jane McDonald AP Gypsy ready AP PAul o G DEBBIE

Check back in town

It’s a Weekend Whopper

It’s A Whopper!
Hello again my long lost blog buddies, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful weather, I know I haven’t! I have been from rehearsal studio, to TV studio, to the office, to the theatre, to the library, back to the rehearsal studio, to another rehearsal studio… you get my drift!
I have so many pictures of all my adventures so far, and I thought I’d bombard you with them rather than bore you to death with any more goings on about rehearsal studios… What I will say however is the fabulous time I’m having rehearsing with not only my beautiful Ed Watson over at the Royal Opera House, but also over the other side of London with my long time darling friend Lorna Luft, for the Judy Garland show I am working on. We have been friends since way back in the 70’s, and let me tell you there in no shortage of stories from our nights out at Studio 54, but I’ll save those for another time… Until then here’s all the info about the show and where you can book your tickets I also popped into the Lorraine studio to chat with the lovely one herself all about it, which you can catch up on here
IMG_1212AP & LorraineCDXL7T1WMAAjdgR
I had a fabulous time hosting the DanceUK conference launch with the incredibly talented (and tall!) Ashley Banjo, who towering above me at 6.5 made for a rather comedic view. It was a fantastic few days, and so wonderful to be surrounded by the industries finest, and the most incredible new and upcoming talent. I also got to chair a discussion with some of my highly esteemed colleagues, and friends, which I have to say I just loved doing. The official line was as follows… Chair: Arlene Phillips CBE, An artistic discussion about musical theatre and creativity with world renowned directors and choreographers, chaired by Arlene Phillips, in conversation with Anthony Van LaastStephen Mear and Alistair David. How exciting! 
AP & ASHLEY IMG_1145 IMG_1146 IMG_1148 IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1144
I also attended a night of divine dance with my dear friend Mrs Rockgod (AKA Flea Keeble) at Sadlers Wells for the National Youth Dance Company, who were performing a premiere of Frame(d) by guest Artistic Director Sidi Larbi Cherkaouiwith.
I had a very moving morning giving a reading in memory of Anne Frank #notsilent at the beautiful British Library, marking 70 years of Anne Frank. Her courage and bravery are true inspiration to us all, and should never be forgotten. I also got to meet the CEO of the British Library Roly Keating, who was truly fascinating, and it was overall a really wonderful and thought provoking morning.
DSC_9422 DSC_9410 DSC_9377
I’ll be back next week to tell you all about my night at Gypsy, and my very well deserved day off! I’m going to be posting some pop up blogs so make sure you keep a look out for those, just little spur of the moment posts when I’m on the go, so I hope you like them!
I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend filled with sunshine and chocolate, and I’ll be back before you know it!
Love always,
Arlene x