My Travels Along the Yellow Brick Road

So I am finally back in London after what can only be described as a whirlwind tour around Europe, having worked in the past couple of weeks in Antwerp, Paris, Bochum and Prague!
I’ve got pictures galore of some of the incredible sights I got to see on my very limited time off… I pretty much ran round like a lunatic any chance I got trying to take in as much as I could! I was dancing down the yellow brick road in Paris and Antwerp with, yes you guessed it, the Wizard of Oz – although strangely enough it might have also led to Prague, as you’ll see in a bit! It was top secret there, but what I was doing was so exciting and I can’t wait to tell you about it when I’m allowed to, next year that is! And finally Bochum, the home of my beloved Starlight Express, I still can’t believe it’s been there almost 30 years, and still going strong!
But before I bombard you with all those, there’s a few things I want to share with you as well. If you didn’t manage to catch my BBC Lifeline Appeal for Alzheimer’s Research UK you can click on the link here, and if I can please ask you to support their work to #defeatdementia it would mean the world.
Also, if I could just ask you to take a minute to sign the following @alzheimerssoc petition asking that everyone gets support after their dementia diagnosis, your support really is the key, thank you.  #RighttoKnow

Did anyone catch me on TEXT SANTA? I was there to support the Alzheimer’s Society, and I even jumped on one of the bicycles to help try and raise the target!

So, in my next blog I’ll be telling you all about the very glamorous events I’ve been attending since I got back, who I was with, what I was wearing… all the celeb gossip I managed to pick up along the way… So make sure you check it out! And now, Europe in pictures!
So here’s me in Prague! The city was beautiful, as was this quaint little chocolate shop we found that sold the most delicious chocolate mulled wine, and the rudest chocolates I have ever seen!
  FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-8 FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-10 IMG_7068 IMG_7069 yellow brick stairs!IMG_0371IMG_0346IMG_0330IMG_0328
Next up is Antwerp, the Christmas market and 20 years of Eurostar!
IMG_0395 IMG_0399 IMG_0392 IMG_0390 IMG_0316 IMG_0293