My Brazouka Journey

Hello again!

As I am writing this I am genuinely distracted by one thing, how quiet it is! No one is singing or dancing around me, shouting in portuguese or jumping up and down with “energia”, I am most definitely not in Kansas any more! Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much live for calm and quiet, yet this quiet seems so overwhelming and I actually find myself longing for the sounds of some Lambazouk to dance around the kitchen to…
Dundee was intense to say the least. I was out of my hotel room by 8am, and pretty much didn’t see my bed until at least midnight most evenings. I most certainly didn’t see daylight that’s for sure! Still, the hard work payed off and the people of Dundee went crazy for our two previews. You can see what they were saying on our  last two webisodes here…
The move to Edinburgh was as exciting as nerve wracking, as Dundee might have been a roaring success, but were we ready to face the tough festival audiences?
After a dramatic start to the week including injuries, last minute changes, cuts, additions, broken props, and whatever else could possible be thrown at us… We opened to a full house and a standing ovation. I can honestly say I have never been prouder of the way the company pulled together to make it the success it has become at the festival, and the audience have clearly been voting with their feet by queueing round the block, and every performance sold out.
Pamela and myself have been supporting from the sides with various media interviews, and as always, we are non stop in our quest for world domination, with the company rehearsing throughout the day in Edinburgh preparing for our Wimbledon debut this Coming September. If you haven’t already you can book your tickets here
So of course I have lots of pictures for you to enjoy as I leave you to head off to rehearsals fro Brazouka 2.0, the London version, bigger, better, louder and longer! Make sure you book your tickets for the New Wimbledon Theatre now!
Love as always,
Arlene x

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