Bread, Bread and Bread

Hi all!
I’ve hope you’ve all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, I certainly did, long walks in the countryside, fireside dinners with friends and family, and of course lots of relaxing doing my emails… well I find it relaxing anyway! 
So I know I’m a week behind on my updates, but quite honestly finding the time to even blink these days is becoming near on impossible! I want fill you in on my week of living below the line. I actually found it harder than I have done the previous two years, maybe it’s the food I chose – or age! Who knows?? So after day one’s breakfast of porridge that I’d happily eaten both years running, I realised I was not going to be able to eat that every morning – porridge with water is just plain wrong. I literally ran to my local Morrisons for their cheapest loaf of bread to make toast with honey (that would have gone on the porridge), a much better idea I realised in the long run as bread goes with everything! It went with my rice, my lentils, my homemade coleslaw, my beans, I even made salad sandwiches and it more than filled me up! I had planned to do the same cabbage soup and lentils all over again but just found myself being unable to stomach it. Still, with my trusty loaf I made it through, and I am beyond proud to say that Team Arlene 2014 raised £5411 for Malaria No More UK. I’d therefore like to personally thank all those who so kindly donated, it really is so greatly appreciated. I’d also like to congratulate and thank all the members of Team Arlene, Coco, Alana, Emma and Coral, you were all brilliant! One last push to say if you haven’t already, there’s still time to donate, and every little helps, thank you.
I certainly celebrated in style with a cheeky chinese takeaway from our local favourite Goldfish in Hampstead, and boy did it taste good! 
So aside from eating my bread, I found the time to go and see the most wonderful evening of dance with my dear friend Molly Molloy, If Play is Play By HeadSpaceDance. Three ballets, all riveting and the dancers were dynamite.
I had a fabulous time with Alana at the launch of the new Joules collection for Vision Express, and even bagged myself a gorgeous new pair of frames! We ate the most delicious goats cheese canapés, sipped lovely fresh lemonade, and I even got to chat with Mr Joule himself, I can’t believe how huge their brand is! I’ll definitely be picking up a pair of their famous wellies for next time I head to the country. It was also so great to meet celebrity stylist Gemma Shepperd, who’s incredible outfit had me green with envy, I know who I’ll be calling next time I have an event!
A couple of things you can catch up on I did are… My hilarious chat with Gaby Roslin, all about Live Below the Line and my HOT new Brazilian dance show, Brazouka and my week on Countdown where you can see me being fabulous with the word puzzles, and maybe not so fabulous with the maths!
So after weeks of doubling up on meetings about Pythons and Brazouka, it’s all finally starting to come together! You can keep up to date with Monty Python by checking out their live Twitter feed @montypython, and I’ll be filling you in on all the latest from Brazil so keep an eye on my twitter @arlenephillips for more live updates!
So until next time…
Much love, 
Arlene x