Part Two, The Second(ish) Part!

Hello again, twice in one week aren’t you lucky! Haha

I hope you all had a delicious Easter, mine was certainly filled to the brim with divine dinners, lunches filled with laughter, and of course some brilliant breakfasts. All of which might I add contained some form of chocolate… 
So as I mentioned last time, this post is all about, well, basically my two trips to the Royal Opera House in one week. The first being for the very prestigious Olivier Awards, that I was honoured to attend along with my Alana, who might I add made me feel totally fabulous. From the first steps on to the enormous red carpet, it was just overwhelming. People calling out, photographers flashing away, cameras rolling, I mean it was just immense. I managed to make it to the top without (I hope!) doing anything stupid for the world to see… and safely into my seat. Oh did I mention – my seat in the second row in front of no other than Dame Judy! The show was filled with music and dance, one of my favourite pieces being the excerpt from The Scottsboro Boys as I never got to see the production, but heard it was sensational. 
There was also so many dear friends, old and new I got to catch up with, the list is endless, but I did as always get some snaps I can’t wait to share with you. I think the highlight of the evening however was chatting with the Royal Ballet’s Ed Watson, who kindly invited me to watch him perform in The Winters Tale. Knowing it was Shakespeare’s most complicated play that has never before been turned into a ballet, I was dying to see just how they had achieved it. More about that in a minute, but first the pictures! 
So, The Winters Tale. A story of love, jealousy, happiness and heartbreak, that I swear took you through every emotion alongside the dancers. I have never seen anything so powerful, and what choreographer Christopher Wheeldon has achieved in developing this balled is nothing short of genius. Also, to see Ed Watson dance is almost indescribable, how someone can be so fluid and delicate in their movement, and yet so intense and powerful is beyond belief, and I for one will remember it forever. The rest of the company as always were sheer perfection, and I can only say thank you to Ed for inviting me to share in such a magical experience. They are filming the production for a live cinema event on the 28th of April and all I can say is go! 
I’m mid week of my Live Below the Line challenge, and I have to say the cabbie soup is getting a little dull…It’s less about the hunger, more the variety of food, in particular fresh food that I’m missing. I’ve been tweeting lots of pics of my meals and how I’ve been getting on, and you can catch up on that by checking out my twitter here @arlenephillips
Next week I’ll be able to tell you just how much we raised, and how the rest of the week went, and did I stay sane! 
Much love till then,
Arlene x

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