Part One, The First Part

So as I seem to frequently say, It’s been a manically busy couple of weeks, hence the delayed posting of my blog! I’ve been going between Pythons and Brazil (the show obviously…!) literally in the same day as well as squishing in meetings at breakfast lunch and dinner, it’s been nothing short of madness. Of course as always I have filled my “free” time with fun and fabulous events, and here’s what’s been going on …
I was thrilled to watch tap god Savion Glover at Sadlers Wells, and with Abi as my date it would seem great minds think alike as sat right behind us was my dear friend flea (aka Mrs Rock God aka Mrs John Keeble drummer of Spandau Ballet!) and her daughter Jaime, who grew up with Abi as out families lived next door to each other for many years. The show was just as brilliant as I expected, and after a quick catch up with Flea and Jaime it was home James and don’t spare the horses!   
I just have to say, as soooo many people keep asking me, re Bruce and Strictly, that he will always be the spirit of the show, and boy is he a hard act to follow, He has always supported me, and I for one will sorely miss him. I would also like to wish the best of luck to whoever will fill his dancing shoes, as I write this I know the rumours are flying, so I won’t say congratulations yet, but merely, Brucie Baby toe-tapping your way to the top, don’t ever stop.
I’m sure you’ve seen all over twitter me and my poor eye – it’s been almost 3 weeks now and it’s still bad! I have been putting on every lotion and potion I can get my hands on, and the damn thing just won’t go. Thank goodness I have the best medication of all, Alana, who’s brilliant makeup coverage makes at least look like a human being on nights out and not a crazy one eyed cyborg! 
I had a lovely evening out with Pamela after Brazil rehearsals at Katya and Pacha”s evening of Ballroom. Not only was it wonderful to watch them dance, but to catch up with so many familiar old faces from the Strictly era, whom I get to see so little of these days being as wrapped up in the world of theatre as I am. 
On another note about Brazil, I am thrilled to announce we have an official title… BraZouka! And here are the official details…The World Premiere of Braz Dos Santos’ extraordinary true story from the toughest streets of Brazil. Sixteen dazzling dancers take audiences on a breath-taking journey of intense passion, sizzling sensuality, pulsing music and explosive energy. This unique dance-drama is performed by Brazil’s most thrilling new troupe, who introduce the sensational dance language of Lambazouk and other authentic Afro-Brazilian dances in a stunning variety of styles that will have you on your feet, captivated by the intoxicating rhythms. Directed by Arlene Phillips. Produced by Pamela Stephenson Connolly and Burn the Floor’s founder Harley Medcalf. Exciting much?! 
Make sure you check out Part Two of this week’s blog, all about the Olivier Awards, and my night watching the divine Edward Watson in The Winters Tale at The Royal Opera House, a night that I will remember forever. You can also catch up on how I’m getting on living below the line…
I hope you are all having a lovely, chocolate filled Easter, I know I am!
Much love,
Arlene x

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