Less Python, More Pagodas

Hello again,

So this week for a change I have been busy buried in pre production meetings about Brazil – the fabulous show I mentioned that I am developing with Pamela Stephenson. No naughty Python business, just hot, sexy Brazilian rhythms! I’ve managed of course to still get out and about, and here’s what I’ve been up to…

I had a great evening at the Heston Blumethal Collection for Vision Express launch, where I not only caught up with the chef himself, but also bagged a pair of fabulous frames! The event was organised by the fabulous Halpern PR, who also look after a couple of my favourite makeup brands, Avon and Suqqu. Their foundations and lipsticks are some of my absolute favourites to date, and now absolute makeup “must haves”. I was also lucky enough to be one of the first to try the incredible new skincare line from top US dermatologist Dr Lancer. His three step skincare system is revolutionary, and if Victoria Beckham swears by it – then it’s good enough for me! I’ve just stared to use it, so I’ll be reporting back in the next month about how I’m getting on, and if it really is worthy the price tag that come with it…


I also got to attend an evening of heavenly ballet, that I mentioned last week, at the Coliseum. The Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Prince of the Pagodas was just stunning, and I was very moved by it’s power and beauty.

I was thrilled to be invited to the reopening of Jersey Boys now at the Piccadilly Theatre, starring for 6 weeks only the extraordinarily talented John Lloyd Young, who was the original Frankie Valli on Broadway. He is like no talent I have seen for a long time, and I urge you to get there while you still can. He’s also just finished making the movie of the show, and I know it’s going to be a huge hit. I was lovely to catch up with my fellow dancing diva Angela Rippon at the party, I have to say she really is flying the flag for fabulous older women, she looks amazing!



Can you believe last Friday was 30 years of starlight?! Everyone was posting the most fantastic pictures of the show from years gone by, and it brought tears to my eyes looking at all the memories.


So Saturday arrived, along with the most horrendous eye infection! My eye was like a golf ball, not what you want when you have a glamorous party that evening and a big campaign shoot the following day. I sadly had to skip my Saturday night out on the town for my friend Jason Gale’s birthday party at the gorgeous Soho Sanctum Hotel, due to the fact I was getting pretty worried about the ever increasing size of my eye. I set my alarm to wake me up every couple of hours throughout the night to put my Goldeneye ointment on, to at least try and take the swelling down before my shoot the next morning – hey, It was either lack of sleep, or giant eye. Fortunately my plan worked, and although still red and slightly puffy, I could at least see! Thanks to Alana and her literally magic wand (makeup brushes!) I was looking photo ready and fabulous in no time, and the shoot went off without a hitch. It was a long day, but the reward was a wonderful Mothers Day meal with all my family at one of our favourite restaurants, Il Baretto in Marylebone. Stuffed and sleepy, I made my way home and straight into my bed, what a weekend!

After two days in “Brazil”, I managed to take a break to get to The Dorchester hotel for an amazing afternoon tea in aid of the Shooting Stars Children’s charity, supporting terminally ill children and their families. It was both wonderful and heartbreaking to meet some of the children and their families, and so inspiring to see the work that the charity does. I had a fabulous catch up with Mr Simon Cowell himself, having know each other for over 30 years (as he loves to remind me!) and heard all about baby Eric. I have to say as well how incredible Lauren looks, for someone that’s just given birth my goodness! I got to catch up as well with baking beauty Luisa Zissman, love her or loathe her, she really is making a name for herself and I’m always interested to see what she’ll do next.


Last night I was at the premiere of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Savoy, so make sure you check back next week to hear my review, and also please please if you haven’t already sponsor me and my team for our week of Live Below the Line. Living on just £1/day for five days to highlight global poverty and support Malaria No More. There’s also still time to get involved if you wish, you can get all the info here….

Much love
Arlene x

P.S. I have fallen in love with red lipstick, can you tell?! x

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