Part Three, The Food…

Finally, last but not least, Part Three The Food.

As I’m sure you know by now, my love affair with food is a never ending battle. Having been so good for the start of the year, juicing and “getting my healthy on”, I decided to let go and eat whatever I wanted, Vegas style.

Starting with our dinner the night we flew in at Nick and Mary Ellen’s house, that I mentioned in Part One. We’re talking the most enormous steaks I have ever seen, freshly purchased from Whole Foods and grilled to perfection. Accompanying them was homemade corn pudding, fresh baked bread, grilled mushrooms, steamed sprouting broccoli and roast potatoes. Of course there was also a delicious green salad, but that got slightly pushed aside to make way for more roasties! Had I not been so exhausted from the flight, I honestly could have have sat there and eaten all night. As it was my eyes were closing in my dinner by 8pm, but the food was so heavenly I just had to keep going.

The next day was Alana’s choice of restaurants, starting with lunch at Spago in Caesars Palace. Having taken her there since she was small, it’s a firm favourite with the Phillips family, and did not disappoint. My crab and avocado salad was perfection, and the girls split a delicious looking oven baked pepperoni pizza and caesar salad, with probably the strongest garlic dressing I have ever smelt, thank goodness it was just us that day! After watching Michael Jackson that night it was back to Caesars, this time for some Tex-Mex at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Although not my favourite type of food, it had just opened there to great reviews and with Alana raving about it having eaten at the branch in the Bahamas, I decided to give it a go. We all just shared a few starters as by the time we arrived after the show it was already 10pm, so just wanted something light. The flavours were subtle and delicious in everything apart from the fiery mustard in the twice baked, baked potato that Alana seemed to end up eating both orders of! Would I go back, no, but would certainly recommend it for Tex-Mex lovers as I hear it really is the best.


The next day really went from the sublime to the ridiculous, with our first stop for brunch at the Four Seasons. The choices were endless, and yet we all settled for the “American” breakfast, eggs any style, hash browns, crispy bacon and the largest choice of toast I’ve ever seen. Fresh coffee and orange juice we the perfect accompaniment, as we sat poolside next to a giant fire heater to warm the crisp morning air. As I said, from the sublime to the ridiculous – or more like from the Four Seasons to roadside In N Out Burger for lunch! One of Abi’s favourite burger chains, sadly only in the US, we munched on burgers and fries and it was heaven! Simply because we clearly hadn’t eaten enough that day, we had dinner at Koi before seeing Britney Spears that evening. Located somewhere impossible to find in Planet Hollywood, it was Japanese delight of a meal, and most definitely my favourite. Rock Shrimp Tempura, Waygu Beef on Crispy Rice, Stir Fried Mushrooms and Asparagus, fresh Sashimi and steaming hot Edamame, simply heaven.

Having rather overdone it the day before, it was simple bagels and cream cheese for breakfast that morning from the Brooklyn Bagel Company, and of course the pre requisite Starbucks that everyone seem so obsessed with. (Surely coffee is just coffee?) As we spent the rest of the day following the mantra “shop till you drop” it came to just before our first show of the evening and we realised we hadn’t eaten anything else all day! A quick sandwich in the beautiful Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan, plus a cheeky cocktail, and we were back on our feet and ready to go.


Friday was once again a light bagel breakfast, as lunch and dinner that day was set to be an epic blowout. It was the cafe at the Wynn where all my milkshake dreams came true, a Smores milkshake, which for those of you who don’t know what Smores are, they are layers of melted chocolate and marshmallows sandwiched between two Graham Crackers, then this is blended into a milkshake, and I am in heaven. This was to accompany my club sandwich, the size of which has never been seen. As was the case with Abi’s burger, and Alana’s buttermilk fried chicken sandwich. I honestly dread to think what size I would be if I lived there permanently!


Dinner that evening, although still a sizeable meal, was a much more glamorous affair with a Valentines meal in our own private room at the Four Seasons. Organise by my darling Jerry Nadal with his family, we ate our way through one delicious course after the next, and quite honestly but the time we arrived back at the Wynn to watch the late show of Le Reve, both myself and the girls were fit to burst! Just have a look at that menu, talk about perfection…


Saturday, our final day, and it was a last minute burger dash to Jack in the Box before the big flight home, well we couldn’t very well leave on a salad!

So I’m back, god knows how many pounds heavier, and ready to get back on the juice, wish me luck!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Vegas blogs, and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my adventures with you soon,

Love Arlene x

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