Rainy and Fabulous

Its a very wet and windy hello from me this week, what is with this relentless rain?!

I have, of course been keeping insanely busy as usual throughout and have so much to tell you. So I’ll start off with my weekend in the country, where we hosted a huge dinner party for our friends, and it was nothing short of sensational, if I do say so myself!  Food, wine, friends and family, what more you could ask for? Well, maybe a bit more sleep? It was a very late night.
It was back to London, and of course more meetings about Monty Python. The more we do the more excited I become, and the more I want to share all the secrets, but of course I won’t, you’ll just have to wait till July…
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about a photoshoot for Femail Magazine I did, well here it is!
I was quite nervous about how it was going to come out, as there was a couple of outfits that I wouldn’t normally have picked for myself, but I have to say seeing it on paper sure changed my mind, and has really given me a new found confidence. I was surprised how well some of the styles suited me, and I think a cheeky shopping trip might be in order to pick up a few new looks!
I’ve also been doing a bit of secret filming for Sport Relief this year, exactly what I can’t say, but it is coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled.
I spent a wonderful evening with my darling Debbie Moore at the fabulous UK premier of some never before see or exhibited photographs of Kate Moss at the Savoy by the Zebra One Gallery. The photos were by Kate Camer and Mick Rack, and were simply stunning. I also that night had a chat with a local journalist that resulted in this! How funny! Another chat I had that night that’s one for the boys is here.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing all about your Valentines day dancing so tweet me about it @arlenephillips
It’s actually been a rather ‘Kate Moss couple of weeks” what with standing at Fuerzabruta by her last week, the Zebra One Exhibition this week, followed later that night by a fabulous makeup launch at the new Kate Moss 40 Exhibition by Russell Marshall. This was for the launch of  Studio 10 makeup, a new makeup for mature skin that claims to “change the face of time”. It was hosted my my lovely friends Phil Turner and Gary Cockerill, who were definitely the hosts with the most. A glass of bubbly, a bit of hot gossip, and I was once again home before twelve like Cinderella.
I’ve certainly been doing the rounds with the press the last couple of weeks, as here’s another funny article I had a great time doing.
I also managed to get away for another weekend in the country, this time in the beautiful South Downs visiting my dear friend John Napier. Us along with our partners, spend the weekend once again eating, drinking, attempting a walk and then returning for more food! Perfection.
I love how after all these years, me and some of the other mums from Abi’s old school still keep in touch and find time every few months to get together for dinner or coffee. The girls were all at the same school from the years of 4-18, and although many of them have gone their separate ways to university and such, its great to find out how all the kids are doing, and to still have that little mums network of friends for so long. We headed out for a lovely dinner and catch up, and just sat and talked for hours about “the good old days”.
Another fantastic dinner I had this week was at Brasserie Zedel, where I’d gone with my partner to see the divine Frances Ruffelle singing at their Crazy Coqs Cabaret. The food was wonderful, the entertainment heavenly, and the company, well, I guess after 25 odd years together I’d say its pretty great. Check it out here.
Yesterday was my day trip to Liverpool accompanied by one of my fabulous assistants Ashley Nottingham. Ashley was demonstrating for me during a lecture I was giving at LIPA, the incredible performing arts school there, that I was so proud to been awarded a Companionship of by Sir Paul McCartney back in 2004, for my contribution to dance. I loved working with the students and mentoring them, as they head into the exciting but difficult future of being a performer.
So that brings me to today, with a long overdue office catch up with Coco, and much excitement for tonight’s entertainment in the form of Drunk, the new dance show from Drew McOnie and his company at the Bridewell Thetare. News on the grapevine is that it’s nothing short of sensational, and I can’t wait.
I’ve bumped into a few friends on my travels this week, so here’s some pictures for you to enjoy as I leave you to have a wonderful weekend, and to tell you that next week I’m off to fabulous Las Vegas! I’ll be back week with all the gossip stateside so make sure you check it out…
Much love
Arlene x
PS. If you love my Rose Dress as much as I do, head straight to Topshop!

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