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Hello all,

I can’t believe it is already nearing the end of January. Is this year going to fly past as quickly as last? It’s already been as insanely busy month, and of course I don’t want to keep boring you with endless blogging about my Monty Python meetings, so I though I’d make this weeks post a mini theatre review! It’s been a wonderful week of show watching, gathering inspiration and generally just appreciating the talent in the industry I am always so grateful to be a part of.

Starting off with American Psycho at the Almeida, which I was lucky enough to score tickets to, they really are like gold dust, and worth every penny and string pulled! Matt Smith was utterly sensational, it really is a musical of the future, beautifully staged by Lynne Page with exciting new music and outstanding performances. As well as being of course gripping in it’s subject matter, the humour and intelligence Matt Smith delivered to the character was simply stunning. It must be transferring to the West End, so make sure you keep an eye out for when and where, and get there while you still can!

Next up is Candide at the Chocolate Factory, this was another production that was utterly sensational on every level. My darling Scarlett Strallen was a true revelation, having always known she could dance like a diva, but hearing her hit those high notes proved she could sing like one as well! Not forgetting of course her phenomenal acting and brilliant comedic timing, she is in my eyes the true meaning of the term “triple threat”, and nothing less than a shining star. Again it’s not a long run, so again get there while you can.

Moving onto The Light Princess at the National Theatre, starring the divine Rosalie Craig, written by pop diva Tori Amos, and directed by theatrical superstar Marianne Elliot.  Having heard so much about this, it was every bit as fascinating as expected, and I was transfixed by the spectacular movement. Surprisingly, the music was much more “Musical Theatre” style than I had expected, and held the piece together brilliantly. As with all the other shows in my mini review this is also a limited run, so again a must see quick! It was also a real treat to bump into the gorgeous now Hollywood hunk Luke Evans, whom I know from his early musical theatre days. I always said he was one to watch…


Finally Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse, of which I was invited to the opening night of, alongside the likes of fashion goddess herself Kate Moss, whom I was standing next to underneath a giant mass of swirling water and performers. It was like being at a giant rave, and it was fabulous to see Sadie Frost swimming away above me taking part in the big adventure of spectacular water moments going on above our heads. The whole place was filled with great musicians and dancers weaving their way through us in the crowds, looking high and low at the spectacle around us. An exhilarating, exciting experience that again is not to be missed!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s offering, I know I certainly have!

Much love
Arlene x

Into The Snake Pit!


AP & girls Quidam


So this year has really started back with a bang! As soon as I got back to London I threw myself “into the snake pit” so to speak, with a whole crazy week of plotting the Python show alongside the brilliant Eric Idle and my fabulous assistant Richard Roe. I think sometime around Thursday mild hysteria set in, and I can tell it’s going to be a very interesting and exciting next few months. Its going to be choc full of Python old and new, and I just hope the audience laugh as much as I have done.

I was so happy I managed to find time for some Cirque du Soleil, and that included not only attending the show – which I will tell you about in a minute – but also fitting in a visit from my dearest long-time friend and now head of Cirque du Soleil worldwide Jerry Nadal. Jerry and I go way back working on Starlight Express and Saturday Night Fever in Las Vegas many years ago, and have remained firm friends ever since. He was in London with his partner and two angelic twin boys who literally made my heart melt. Of course as I mentioned we attended the UK premier of Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the original Cirque touring shows, and still retains as much beauty and spectacle as it ever did. It was such a wonderful evening, all my family there with me, and of course catching up with some fabulous famous faces. ImageImageImage

One person in particular I couldn’t wait to see was David Emanuel, fresh out of the jungle. David and I have know each other since the crazy 80’s, and my daughter Alana was even a child model in his fashion show! I thought he did brilliantly on the show, and it was wonderful to catch up and reminisce about the good old days – or so we remember them as!

One thing I have been cracking down on is my new year fitness. Every morning I’ve been getting in the pool and kicking ass on my exercise bike, not to mention really making an effort to stay away from the seemingly ever present roast potatoes! Hopefully I’m going to see some results soon, as I’ve got a whole gorgeous wardrobe of clothes waiting for me to fit back into.

I’m excited to report I’m going to be on the radio this coming Saturday morning on LBC with Andrew Castle from 8am – 9am, so tune in! We’ll be catching up on all the goss, as well as a fair few topics that I’m sure will get people talking.

I’m also very excited about seeing Candide this weekend, starring the lovely Scarlett Strallen. I have know her since she was born, having worked for many years with her mother Cherida Langford, her grandmother Babette Langford, and of course her auntie Bonnie Langford – as well as her three amazing sisters Summer, Zizi and Sassi. Needless to say I am so immensely proud of all of them.

Signing off, work calls!

AP & Craig RH

Happy New Year!

Hello again,

I would like to start by saying that I can’t believe we’re a week into January already! Christmas and New Year flew past in a wonderful whirl of massive overeating and noisy parties with friends and family alike.  I’m also amazed to say how calm Christmas was this year, its usually a hectic drama of a week, but it floated along with one happy family member after another coming and going. We spent it up in beautiful Herefordshire, with plenty of wind and rain, log fires burning to keep us warm and a shining tree to pile the presents under. We open our presents on Christmas eve, and this year was no exception I was spoilt rotten. I awoke the next morning to a flurry of activity in the kitchen. Fast forward a few hours and after what can only be described as Christmas lunch from heaven, perfectly prepared by my partner (everyone would be stuck with salad if it was left to me!) we all dutifully made our way to the living room for the post stuffing sleep. Sadly that evening my Abi had to return to London as she had work the following day at Selfridges in the crazy Boxing Day sales, and I’m not ashamed to admit I did have a little cry as she left!  We sort of ended up swapping one family member for another as Alana’s boyfriend arrived on Boxing Day to fill the gap! There was also a lot of cat swapping going on as well… Abi had brought her cat Romeo, and Alana had brought her kitten Frankie, which thoroughly did not please Romeo. When Abi went back to London, she took Romeo and Alana’s partner arrived with their other cat Pickles! Not forgetting our dog Polly in all of this, it was animal madness! It was truly a perfect end to the year, and now we’re in 2014, and who knows what it will bring. I have some incredibly exciting projects to look forward to, as as far as resolutions go? Of course I’m tightening my resolve to stick to my diet, I want to continue to teach my girls to be caring and generous, to treat others as you would be treated, and to always look on the bright side of life…

Happy New Year!
Love Arlene x

PS.. Here’s a couple of Christmas piccys, enjoy! X


One of my beautiful Aspinal of London tree decorations


Feet up watching the Royal Ballet’s Don Quixote


Christmas morning view from the kitchen window


The gingerbread house my girls made


The tree!