Hong Kong Crazy



A very long and overdue hello to you all! I have been on a whirlwind trip all over the world this past few weeks, and aside from barely being able to find any internet anywhere, I wouldn’t have had a second to post anything anyway, it has been madness! As there’s so much to “show and tell” I’m writing this blog firstly in two parts, and secondly as more of a picture diary, so look on and enjoy…

I arrived in Hong Kong after massively delayed flight (three hours, thanks British Airways!) but arrived safely at the beautiful Hyatt hotel in Hong Kong, where my view was exquisite.


There’s no rest for the wicked as they say, so it was straight to work on Starlight Express getting the show ready for opening night, and the work clearly paid off as Hong Kong took us into their hearts. Here’s a little clip.


Of course it wasn’t all work, and I managed grab few hours sightseeing…


One evening I hopped on a train and headed out to the ladies market which was full of goodies, most of which I didn’t want, but I did find a fair few fabulous bits and pieces…


I had found a good friend in Shen, my interpreter for the night, who knew what prices to pay, and if they weren’t good enough she marched me along, away from the beautiful scarves I so desperately wanted!


Another evening, I was taken out for a glorious dinner with some of most powerful people in Hong Kong, where we ate the most delicious sushi,i and enough Kobi beef to feed an army! It was truly delicious, and I am not ashamed to say I have been dreaming of it since…


ON my last morning I took the peak train to the highest point in Hong Kong, where the views were simply breathtaking.


Although as well, there is a view  of Hong Kong Harbour with all the smog and pollution which is such a shame to see


So finally after am amazing week, I left Hong Kong with memories of Starlight Express and the “piggie blessing” they gave to welcome us fading away


I left Hong Kong for a 16 hour flight to New York where I arrived 12 hours before I left! In a daze, I headed straight to my favourite Manhattan deli to eat the best matzoh ball soup in town. Who doesn’t love a bit of comfort food!


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