The Mini One


So after what can only be described as Birthday madness… I took myself off to the country for a week of total rest and relaxation, and it was heavenly. I literally spent the week drifting from my bed, to the sofa, to lunch, back to the sofa, to dinner, and back to bed. So I can honestly say for the first time I have pretty much nothing to report! 


I arrived back late on Wed, to spend the next few days preparing for my trip to Germany next week, for Starlight Express Bochum’s 25th anniversary. I’m so excited to see the show after all the work me and the amazing creative team have put in, it’s going to be a really special evening that I’ll tell you all about on my return…

I’m desperately hoping the weather holds out this weekend, as I shall be spending it with The Lord himself, ALW! With a festival, and a very special 21st, I’ll have lots more to tell you about next week.

So as this is the mini one, I’m going to leave you to head back out into the sunshine, and wish you all a lovely weekend!


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