Oliviers Below The Line


Who’s back at work, and who’s skiving off and still enjoying the sunshine? Make the most of it I say…
I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, and for those of you back at work, hopefully my blog all about my past week’s adventures will cheer you up!
Firstly, may I just say another huge thank you to all those who donated to our Live Below the Line challenge,  http://bit.ly/TeamArlene we’ve raised  £7,375 so far for Malaria No More UK which is just incredible. If you haven’t already, you can still donate at the link above, or join in the fund raising and take the challenge yourself! You can see how we did it, check out what I ate and all our shopping here https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/arlenephillips
I spent the whole of my Live Below the Line week running all over town for rehearsals for the Oliviers, I must have seen every studio in London! It was tough as I didn’t have my usual amount of fruit and veg to keep my energy up, so I had to rely on rice and beans, it was a total carb fest! Thank goodness I was dancing so much…
Another Phillips running all over town was Alana, who was desperately searching for the perfect red carpet dress for me! I think we got so carried away buying and taking back, that we didn’t notice the “returns” policy at Browns, which isn’t a return at all but a credit note only, which is not what you want when you spend an embarrassing amount! I figured as it was such a huge event, and with my 70th coming up it might be nice to treat myself to something fabulous, but it had to be perfect, and although the dress was divine, it just didn’t fit me. So angry was I about not being allowed to return it, it’ll take me at least a year (fortunately the length of the credit) to walk back in and choose something else!  
Finally the big day arrived, the dress was chosen and fitted to perfection, and I was ready to get my red carpet on! You can see my interview here.
As you know, I have been keeping a big secret for weeks about the Oliviers that was of course choreographing the opening number with the wonderful Sheridan Smith! I though her and my fabulous dancers did me proud as well as the truly incredible Matthew Morrison, who has been nothing short of a dream to work with. Here are my numbers incase you missed them! 
I managed to track down a few familiar faces at the after party, my darling Michael Ball, and the one and only Tim Minchin, who is as genius as they come. I was overwhelmed to meet Heather Headley, who’s performance on the night of I Will Always Love You had me in tears, and Alana in full on heart wracking sobs!
True to form, I gave it an hour and then was off home to bed after what had been an utterly exhausting week.
The rest of the week was filled with various meetings, lunches, theatre trips and of course gossips and catch ups with as many friends as I could fit in! Here’s how it went…
I had a hilarious couple of hours filming with my (not so) new bff Russell Grant, for a little project he’s working on at the moment. We could barely get our words out for laughing, although that is all I can tell you about it for the moment…. You’ll have to as usual watch this space!
There was a big Starlight presence, with meetings about the 25th anniversary in Germany, as well a trip to Milton Keynes to watch the UK tour in it’s last week, before it heads off round the world!  It was sad to say goodbye to everybody, but I’m so proud off all the hard work and commitment everyone has put in this past year, and made the show such a success, so thank you to all.

I also went to the opening night of Merrily We Roll Along, which is an absolute must see. I loved it from start to finish, and was so moved by the performances.

I had a delicious lunch with my dear friends Sam and Patrick, who I have know and worked with for many years, so it was wonderful for us all to be together, talking about the good old days…
All this as well as the usual catch ups with Coco, meant my week flew past and before I knew it bank holiday was here, and I was off to the country for more eating and meeting with friends!
The sun was out, and it was a glorious three days, oh if only it could be bank holiday week…. but now I’m back, and back on it! 
Look forward to telling you all about my upcoming week soon, until then…
Love A x

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