Easter Escapades

Finally, a proper week off!

It’s been an Easter to remember, one that I have filled with family and feasts! I have hardly looked at my computer, the phone has been off the hook, and I have barely even glanced at my beloved Twitter.

I’ve been hibernating in the stunning area of Herefordshire, with the view from my window overlooking the hills and the snowcapped valleys. As always when I’m here, eating is about the only activity I participate in, and the dinner parties and lunches this time were no exception. One in particular being a fabulous Sunday soiree hosted by my dear friend Mary Heale, where I met the enigmatic Celia Birtwell, who’s designs I have worn since way back in the 70’s. We gossiped about the good old days, and how amazing it is her prints are still as fashionable today as they were then.


As always, me taking some time out only means one thing, there’s double the work to on my return! So far this morning has been madness, Coco is virtually chained to the computer, and it’s all hands on deck from all my assistants to get through the pile of emails before me.

So it’s been short but sweet, and make sure you check in next week to read all about the exciting week I have ahead…

Until then

Love Arlene x

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