Two Weeks Worth of Crazy

Hello again!
It’s been such a ridiculously busy past couple of weeks, I haven’t had so much as a second to stop and write about all that’s been going on!
I left you last time on my return from a gorgeous and relaxing easter break, only to return to London and a manic schedule, starting with an early appearance on Daybreak, for my wonderful friends at the Alzheimers Society. As always, I love being in the studio, despite the super early wake up, and catching up with everyone.  From there I headed off to a very special photoshoot for the Blue Cross and then it was out to the Alzheimers conference and a special lunch with Dementia Friends. In between all this I managed to fit in a meeting with my darling Russell Grant, and try and get through all the emails I had avoided over Easter… and it was only Tuesday!
Wednesday was an Oliviers day, as I’m sure you know by now I’m choreographing a top secret opening number, as well as a fabulous piece with the very gorgeous Matthew Morrisson, who I am delighted to be working with after seeing him live in concert a couple of years ago, he certainly in one talented man! I’m currently all in fluster over what to wear on the red carpet as I am presenting an award, but I’m hoping I’ll have a last minute flash of inspiration and the dress will appear before my eyes!
Did you manage to catch The British Animal Honours? I was presenting an award to Hetty ‘The Wonderdog”, who is not only an incredible guide dog, but also has the ability to sense when her owner is going to have an epileptic seizure, exactly 42 minutes before!  Animals really can do the most amazing things, and it was wonderful to be involved in such fabulous and worthwhile awards. As I was filming out in Elstree – with several animals as I mentioned – things didn’t go exactly to time, and I ended up almost missing dinner at another incredible event I was invited to that evening at the Landmark Hotel, for the Katie Piper Foundation. It was most certainly a case of better late than never, as it was a truly wonderful and inspiring evening. Katie is an amazing individual, and her courage and determination have inspired millions to come out of their shell and know that there is a place in society for them, no matter their appearance and the hardships and challenges their burns can bring. I caught up with many familiar faces, Louie Spence, Brian Friedman, Claire Sweeney, Barbara Windsor – you name it they were there. It was also great to catch up with the eyebrow queen herself Karen Betts, and her work with the charity has as well inspired me to get involved, and I’ll let you know more about the upcoming work I’m planning to do with them soon.
The weekend was a slightly more relaxed affair, and I managed to fit in a visit to the fabulous  Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern, if you haven’t been you must must go! It’s even inspired the gang at Starlight Express to get involved… 
Image The beautiful Kerry Stammers with her Liechtenstein make up.
Sunday started with a lovely Surprise family brunch after Alana turned up with fresh bagels and cream cheese, and we all sat around with the newspapers stuffing our faces and catching up on the weeks hot gossip. The afternoon however was a slightly more alcoholic affair, at my friends’ Patrick and Chris’ party, where once again I may have tried to sample a few too many delicious looking cocktails and pear cider.
Monday was the start of another busy week, kicking off with an incredible lunch where I caught up with some very fabulous faces that included the likes of Dame Diana Rigg, Imogen Stubbs, and Kathy Lette.
That evening was real treat as my partner and I caught up with some old friends of ours who moved to the States many years ago, and although we keep in touch by email, haven’t actually seen each other since! There was much to discuss, and we stayed up well into the night chatting about love and life.
Tuesday was catch up catch up! Poor Coco has been snowed under after being poorly, and with me being virtually out of the office the past week, Tully being away and Alana trying to hold down the fort, there’s a lot to do, and with it being the one day I had at home it was non stop! But as always, the day extended into the evening when I went to Jonathan Shallit’s ROAR Global event for the wonderful Chicken Shed. They gave a magnificent performance and I caught up with my agents Rebecca and Stuart, and friends Myleene Klass, Kelly Brook, and Gizzy Erskine. A great night. 
Wednsday was my big shoot with Hello Magazine, and all I can say is that you have never seen me look like this before… 
Thursday I was doing some secret filming during the day (more to come about that soon…) and then that evening I was judging a super Strictly event for the Prince’s Trust, held by Ernst & Young, alongside my co judges Louis Smith and Anton Du Beke. I love these events, and the hard work that everyone puts in, and it really paid off as the standard was just fantastic, and made for a truly spectacular evening, I do think there were some ex dancers in there though!
My two crazy weeks were almost over, just one more round of filming on Friday – this time out in Beckton in the What’s Cooking kitchen, alongside my darling Ben Shephard, and the adorable Lisa Faulkner, I love catching up with Ben, we have worked together for so many years, and he is always such a joy to be around. On the show with me was Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton, who has got me very excited about the idea of disappearing to one of Jason Vale’s stunning health retreats, to juice away those extra pounds! If her body and skin are anything to go by, get me there tomorrow!! You can catch up with the show here.
I managed to escape to the country for the weekend, to pack in two days of R&R, and as always it was never long enough, but I’m back, and it’s day one of my Live Below the Line challenge for Malaria No More, living on just £1 a day for a week. Team Arlene has raised an incredible amount, and there’s still time to donate here!  
Keep an eye on my twitter for how we get on, and I’ll see you next week, with all the pictures of my delicious meals, and all the goss from the Olivier awards this coming Sunday.
Saying ‘so long, farewell’ for now, and wishing you sunshine.
Love Arlene x

Easter Escapades

Finally, a proper week off!

It’s been an Easter to remember, one that I have filled with family and feasts! I have hardly looked at my computer, the phone has been off the hook, and I have barely even glanced at my beloved Twitter.

I’ve been hibernating in the stunning area of Herefordshire, with the view from my window overlooking the hills and the snowcapped valleys. As always when I’m here, eating is about the only activity I participate in, and the dinner parties and lunches this time were no exception. One in particular being a fabulous Sunday soiree hosted by my dear friend Mary Heale, where I met the enigmatic Celia Birtwell, who’s designs I have worn since way back in the 70’s. We gossiped about the good old days, and how amazing it is her prints are still as fashionable today as they were then.


As always, me taking some time out only means one thing, there’s double the work to on my return! So far this morning has been madness, Coco is virtually chained to the computer, and it’s all hands on deck from all my assistants to get through the pile of emails before me.

So it’s been short but sweet, and make sure you check in next week to read all about the exciting week I have ahead…

Until then

Love Arlene x