Let’s PMA this week!

Happy Monday to you all!

Despite feeling utterly dreadful all week with a horrendous cold and attempting to stay in bed, I did manage to get my PMA on (that’s Positive Mental Attitude to all you non believers!) and get out and about.

Monday was the week’s first foray into Theatreland with what was a top secret and very exciting party about the Olivier Awards 2013. I can now however reveal that the the fabulous upcoming ceremony at the Royal Opera House on 28 April will be televised for the first time ever on ITV and also played live on Radio 2 hurray!  So whatever your favourite medium you can follow the action, and you can still vote for your favourite shows here: http://www.olivierawards.com/vote/ Please don’t miss We Will Rock You which continues to Rock London in it’s 11th year at the Dominion!

So as I mentioned, I finally got caught by the winter bugs, which although on the one hand was rubbish, the time I was forced to spend at home was actually pretty useful. I decided to do some early spring cleaning in the office, especially on my cupboard of scripts, some that date back to 1984!  I really am hopeless at just resting aren’t I?!

Here’s some more exciting news… I’m in the process of making a new website! There’s going to be lots of new media, links, chats, and my blog will also move there – so watch out for news and updates over the next few weeks about it…

The week went on, with me feeling steadily worse, (probably because I refused to just stay in bed!) and off I went to a big Starlight Express meeting, to discuss all the new ideas for the show in Germany and the 25th year anniversary, as well as checking in on how the fabulous UK tour is doing.  It’s still rolling around the country, and you can read here where it’s going next… http://www.derryjournal.com/lifestyle/entertainment/starlight-express-trained-on-the-millennium-forum-1-4730377

Did you see my best picks on The Space? It’s an amazing website with content from across the arts including special backstage footage, so please tweet me any great things you find on there! My twitter is https://twitter.com/arlenephillips, and the you can find The Space here http://thespace.org/items/p0001j9l and on the homepage here http://thespace.org/

For those that know me now, know I’m not much of a football fan, For those that knew me back in my teenage years, knew I was a bit of a Manchester United girl, and even had a few nights out with George Best and Co… So of course when asked I jumped at the opportunity to head up to my hometown and judge a dance event for the Princes Trust with Man Utd, and my co Judges Gary Neville and Louie Spence on March 7th!  You can read all about it here: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/showbiz-news/old-trafford-legend-gary-neville-1275370

Thursday was some secret filming for Comic Relief, with someone whom I adore, have worked with before, and is a total Silver Fox!  We were filming in a location house, which I have have to admit is basically my dream house, and might have to go back, bang on the door, and ask to buy it. (This is in my dreams by the way, as I have yet not won the Euromillions…) Seeing as that’s all i can say about the filming, are there any guesses as to who it might be, and what it might be for?

I finally gave in to feeling poorly on the weekend, and after treating myself to a Sublime facial lifting treating by the equally sublime Fiona at Skin Associates, http://www.skinassociates.co.uk I retreated to my bed, and there I stayed all weekend in my jammys.  A big family dinner on Sunday night (still in my pyjamas) was just the thing to prepare me for the busy week ahead  – which includes a trip to The Bodyguard and the press night of Midnight Tang ! You can get tickets here for the West End show: http://www.midnighttango.co.uk/dates/

For those that weren’t as lucky as me and didn’t get to stay in bed on Sunday with the papers, you might have missed my Culture piece in this week’s Observer http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2013/feb/02/arlene-phillips-on-my-radar So here you go1

Finally, thank you Rodial Glam Balm http://www.rodial.co.uk/search_results.aspx?q=glam+balm&gclid=COCjnc_5nLUCFYLHtAodanMA3A, for soothing the skin around my poor nose, so red and sore from all the tissues. Damn you stupid cold!

Love A xx

One comment on “Let’s PMA this week!

  1. Amazing news about the Oliviers on ITV! x

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