A Week in Pictures

Hello again,

I I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, I most certainly have… in Barbados! Yes lucky me, a week of meetings and parties in paradise.  It would take me forever to describe the beauty of it, so instead I thought I’d show you, and share my week in pictures.

I’m starting just before I left with my trip to the new Cirque du Soleil show Kooza, I know I wrote about how mind blowing it was last week, but I forgot to post this…


Not only was it wonderful to catch up with my long time friend Darcey Bussell, but we also turned up with the same Aspinal bag, although mine was in purple, great minds hey!

On arrival in Barbados it was raining, but that didn’t hamper the stunning view from our window


I won’t bore you with details about meetings, so here’s me hitting the shops in my gorgeous Melissa Odabash kaftan


Although I’m not one for swimming, that didn’t stop me enjoying hanging out by that pool at  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pirate Party!





I took a boat ride to a meeting, now that’s the way I want to go to work every day!



… and partied the night away at Susan Sangster’s house ‘The Dream’, which literally was, a dream.  

At another party hosted by my new friend Carole Bamford, I wore a beautiful kaftan by Mya Blue Luxe, and had a catch up with the one and only Cilla.





Carole’s stunning home was more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. I had such a fantastic time getting everyone up and dancing, including the man who’s only ever know to sit, Nigel Wright!






The week sadly flew past, with all the meetings and parties in paradise, but as always I was happy to go home and in to the arms of my girls, who I missed so much. 

There’s no rest for the wicked, and there was none for me on the flight back, as I was too busy gossiping with Theo and Louise Fennell who were on the same flight as we’d The Hoff in the airport lounge and get very overexcited, although sadly no gossipong with him! All this did not bode well for my jetlag, as it was back to work the following morning with a very early appearance on Daybreak, where I happened to bump into more than a few friends…

It started with Being covered in kisses by Louie Spence, big from Michelle Heaton, and these unruly lot…



There was my darling John Partridge talking about his upcoming West End production of A Chorus Line, which I can’t wait to see


I saw the gorgeous Gok talking about his new TV show

And of course caught up with Aled whom I know from way before the Strictly days when I staged his first public performance as a child in front of the The Queen!

So that’s all for now, as I fear I may fall asleep at the computer! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the snow! I really have gone from one extreme to the other…

Love A x





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