Please Sir, Can I have some more

Hello from Canada!


My first proper working week here, and it is nonstop! I arrived just over a week ago, after an unbearably bumpy flight, with myself, Jeremy our director and Graham our musical director holding onto our seats for dear life!  A little bit shaken, and feeling ever so sick, I arrived at my accommodation for the next couple of months, and I think one word will describe it perfectly, damp.  Or maybe two words in fact, damp and stinky!  Candles ablaze, I went about my unpacking and settling in, as Tuesday was day one of rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz, and I wanted to be fresh and ready to go.


After introducing all the cast to Danielle, our winning Dorothy, it was straight down to business.  Fortunately, I have working with me my super talented associate choreographer Richard Roe to do all the demonstrating, as whether it’s due to all the flying or not – my foot has gone completely numb!  It’s driving me absolutely mad, and no amount of banging my foot or stomping around will bring it back to life!  I have however spoken to a few people who seem to think it’s something called a ‘Morton’s Neuroma’, which thankfully is more annoying than serious, and on my return to London will most definitely be getting that checked out…


Anyway!  Enough of my grumbling, oh what am I saying here comes grumble number two… although it’s a bittersweet grumble, the food here in Toronto is just ridiculous.  Never have I eaten so well, and so much!  Even the food court in the Eaton Center mall by my apartment is like 40 gourmet restaurants.  The restaurants we’ve been for dinner at as well include sushi from heaven at Izakaya, the ultimate comfort shepherds pie at the Queen and Beaver pub (yes haha!), Japanese fusion at Ki, mouthwatering Mexican at Milargo, steaks beyond anything ever at the Barbarian Steakhouse (unfortunately with prices beyond anything ever!) the best burgers you have ever tasted at Five Guys where they pile the chips so high in your bag you can’t even see the burger… I mean the list is endless.  Most worryingly (mainly for the size of my waistband) is the ice cream shop round the corner.  The Marble Slab Creamery.  Never have I experienced such deliciousness…  They have flavours that include Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, French Toast, Chocolate Peanut Butter… and then, once you’ve chosen, they scoop out the ice cream onto a large chilled marble slab, where they proceed to mix in ingredients ranging from sprinkles, crumbled Kit Kats, marshmallows, fresh fruit, bubblegum balls – you name it they’ve got it.  Alana who has been here helping me out this week, has definitely developed an addiction to it, and almost cried having to choose between Black Cherry with shredded coconut, or Birthday Cake with rainbow sprinkles.  Yes I have a loyalty card, and no I’m not afraid to use it! Although I should be…

Speaking of having Alana here, it’s been an absolute godsend as rehearsals are consuming my time so much that it’s easy to forget there’s still a whole world going on at home in the office.  Of course we managed to squeeze in a quick shopping trip at my favourite, Holt Renfrew where is sure ‘aint cheap, but it sure is fabulous!  I have as well, fallen in love with super shop Joe Fresh.  It’s a high st store that reminds me of a Uniqlo in style, but on a much smaller scale.  I was snapping up bargains galore, and this week have mostly been seen in my gorgeous new blue knit trousers that look like they just came off the Prada catwalk!  It looks like it’s going to be a Joe Fresh christmas, as I am stocking up on presents galore.


Although I have been in rehearsals practically twenty-four seven, I did manage to fit in on my one day off a meeting with the wonderful Pamela Stephenson, who’s love and passion for dance is so inspiring, we couldn’t help but put our heads together and see what we could come up with… So watch this space for some exciting news coming soon…


So this is where I leave you, the Yellow Brick Road is once again calling me down it to attend to my Munchkins…


Until next week

Love Arlene x


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