Short and Sweet and Searching for Summer

So another couple of weeks have flown past, and what have I been up to? Well here it is. I have been Mrs Domestic, tidying, cleaning, sorting and giving. Yes, many clothes are now with friends and charities. As for work well here is some of it.

I did an article for the Times Body and Soul as part of my BUPA campaign I’m working on to highlight Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read it. Here’s another piece I did in the Express, it has some helpful points on how to cope with Dementia.


I’ve been meeting up with my fabulous new friend Russell Grant on a regular basis, no, we’re not baking, but we’re certainly cooking up something and it’s going to be big!  

Part of the reason I realised the weeks have flown by is that I was mainly stuck to the sofa, glued to the fabulous Louis Smith and co for the breathtaking Olympic gymnastics.  I didn’t want to miss a second so there I was, glued to the TV, screaming and shouting at the stunning performances before me.  What surprised me  most was how much I got into so many other event i wouldn’t usually have looked twice at thanks to the incredible efforts of Team GB, drawing me in with their passion and determination to go for gold.  And gold it was!  As for the Olympic Ceremonies, the opening was an epic performance piece, with several very moving elements to it, and I thoroughly Loved it.  The closing however, all I will say is that it was a bit like marmite… However I adored the spectacular lighting created by my good friend Patrick Woodroffe, the calmest man I know when faced with huge challenges.  Speaking of ceremonies, I had lunch the other day with my dearest friend Julie Brooks who was visiting from Australia and we reminisced about the time we worked together on the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002.  Now that was a ceremony, and a story for another time…

This week I have been raving about Aveda.  I was very kindly sent a beautiful bag of goodies, some heavenly smelling shampoos and face products, and I have been glowing from top to toe.  Click on the link to see their gorgeous things here…

One thing I am most definitely not raving about, and am in fact fuming about, is the uselessness of Addison Lee. And more so, their failure to accept their uselessness!  They have epically let down me, both my daughters and a few friends, and let me tell you, we are not impressed.  Ok rant over *deep breath out*

On a happier note, I managed to fit in a couple of trips to see family in Cheshire and Leeds, and as soon I feel myself leaving london and heading for the north, I breathe a sigh of relief, and my manchester tones start to creep back in, that my daughters find most amusing on my return home.

One thing I would love you all to do is join me and @savechildrenuk in the #raceagainsthunger. Let’s make sure #london2012 leaves a legacy, so PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION

Big kiss and farewell for now.



Olympic Fever and HRH…?

So who’s got Olympic fever?  Love it or loathe it, the Olympics are upon us and I for one am somewhere in the middle.  Im loving the gymnastics as always, and the rest of Team GB are certainly doing up proud.  I am however a bit over it making front pages every single morning, has the rest of the world news ceased to exist?  Or maybe I should take it as a welcome break from all the heartbreaking headlines we see constantly…  Whatever your feelings on it, it’s here for the next few weeks so let’s go for gold and get involved!


 So who saw the morning after the opening ceremony bright and early on BBC Breakfast?  I was giving my views on what I loved, and what I wasn’t so sure about… The highlights for me were most definitely the opening industrial revolution section, and the beautiful contemporary piece by Akram Kahn that was a tribute to the victims of 7/7.  I also loved the children dancing in their beds with the nurses from Great Ormond St, and the things that go bump in the night.  The rest I felt was a little lacking in excitement and ‘wow’ factor moments, although it all came together at the end with the lighting of the very beautiful and original olympic flame.  It sure went on for a while though, and as I had to be up at 5am to get to the studios out at the olympic park, my eyes were closing before Paul Mcartney had even sat down.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching the first day of events, until it was time to prepare for a dinner party I was having that evening with some very old friends including David Mallet, who directed all the powerhouse 80’s videos I choreographed many years ago. Such as Freddie’s BORN TO LOVE YOU  

We had a wonderful evening, telling stories and remembering those crazy times, and the craziness of working on the Kenny Everett Video Show together. 

 Sunday was a lovely family day, with the house being full of nieces and nephews, cousins and couples and lots of cupcakes for all to get stuck into!

 The following evening I was thrilled to be attending an evening at the Royal Academy in honour of the UK Creative Industries sponsored by Founders Forum where I was surrounded by personalities from the world of sport, art, fashion, film and television, and it was a truly fantastic evening that included a speech from David Cameron and an appearance from Kate Middleton, who looked stunning in a lilac shift dress.


 I had a fabulous time catching up with vocal coach to the stars Yvie Burnett, Image


Aykut Hilmi,


and getting all the goss from the lovely Ben Forster, who is soon be seen as Jesus in the new area production of Jesus Christ Superstar.


The art at the academy is just amazing, and if you haven’t been it is more than well worth a trip.

So what’s coming up?  Well I’ve got an exciting photoshoot for the Times Body and Soul coming up, as well as getting involved in the following…


Were you born to dance? Could you keep going for a five-hour dance-a-thon? From ballet to ballroom, salsa to street, zumba or rumba – whatever your passion, just keep dancing! All over the UK this October, dance troupes, clubs, family and friends will be getting together to dance their socks off – all to raise vital funds to save children’s lives. Join them – be part of Save the Children UK’s Ultimate Dance challenge! Find out more right here

 You can also check out my lingerie here: as featured in Good housekeeping magazine!  Image


 So until next week, I hope you’re all getting around London as easily as everyone is reporting, and loving whats left of the sunshine!


 Much love, Arlene xx