Sleeping on Sunshine


Well I’ve spent the past few days days in the country getting some well deserved sunshine, although honestly it just made me just sleepy rather than revived, so here I am back to the grindstone with a forced smile on my face powering through the work I skived off for the sun! Here’s the perfect country garden.



So what else have I been up to apart from lazing? Earlier in the week I walked the red carpet with Abi for the BBC 999 awards. 



  An evening watching heroes reminds you of the bravery and selflessness of so many people, and it was a truly amazing night. BBC1 Thursday 16th August 8pm. It was also lovely to catch up with so many old Strictly faces from the judges Craig and Bruno to the contestants Matt Baker, Alex Jones, Chelsee Heeley, Chris Hollins and Letitia Dean, to the pros James and Ola. Shame there was strictly no dancing for me to watch!


So who’s been watching Superstar? I dipped in and out it as I know many of the contestants and I am sure the winner Ben Forster will make a superb Jesus.  I worked with Ted Neeley who played Jesus in the original film and also with Steve Balsamo who starred in the West End revival.  Do watch Steve’s new song and video – and make sure you watch to the end!  It’s very moving My final Jesus story is from when I directed Michael Crawford in the US concert The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Radio City.  He sang Gesthemene, and we worked for weeks on perfecting his performance. Michael is an absolute perfectionist, and never have I heard Tim Rice’s lyrics have more meaning.  The reward for all those weeks of hard work was the longest standing ovation I have ever heard.


Anyway I have a busy night ahead, will you be watching what I’m watching…  Then watch BBC1 Breakfast tomorrow at 7:20 to hear my thoughts.

I’ve just got time to tell you a bit about Save the Children UK’s Ultimate Dance Challenge! Gather your dance group, friends or family, sign up today at and you could win an overnight stay in London and the chance to have afternoon tea with me! So get moving, have fun – and get that feel-good factor knowing you’re helping save children’s lives.

Finally, before I leave you for this week’s catch up, I want to wish the best of luck to all our athletes competing over the next few weeks, come on Team GB! 


Much love

Arlene x

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