Mellow Madness

Hello again!

So another week has been and gone, with a mix of madness and mellow.  The first part of the week was long days of catch up with Coco in the office, with an evening event to break it up where I was attending a screening of the new BBC documentary ‘When I’m 65’, which was in a word harrowing but absolutely brilliant.

Wednesday was a crazy day, starting with an early breakfast with my darling Russell Grant, talking all things Teen Angel, his new role in the touring production of Grease.  Make sure you catch him while you can here…  I watched a quick rehearsal afterwards, and my breakfast had barely had time to go down before it was time for another meeting at lunch!  It was with one of my very oldest friends Etta Murfitt, the brilliant associate to the utterly brilliant Matthew Bourne, and we talked all things dance for as long as we could.  Then I had to head home to prepare for the debate I was going to chair that evening (Yes, me, chairing a debate!) for Debatemate.  It was awesome and powerful, and involved what I believe to be many great speakers of the future.  It was watched by bigwigs from all over the world, as well as randomly, Nancy Del’ollio and Anita Dobson who I ended up at the Delaunay with, drinking pink champagne.


CJ, Anita, Nancy, and I.

I think the theme of the week seemed to be once again food, as the two meetings yesterday, delicious nibbles at the Delauney followed on into my weekend in the country where I ate my way from one dinner party to the next!  It was a blissful few days off, and I totally recharged my batteries (allbeit on roast dinners!) and Sunday made my way back to London ready for another week to begin.  The train journey was horrendous as the train in front had sadly run over a deer.

Monday was auditions for the 12/13 cast of We Will Rock You, and I have to say it, once again, the boys are out dancing the girls. Come on girls! You can catch the show here.

I had a lovely lunch with Judy Cramer, the producer of Mamma Mia and now Viva Forever, and talk about gossip –  we were the queens of gossip.  Lots of talk about Viva Forever and the Spice Girls, although I’m not involved I think its going to be amazing.

Tuesday I travelled to a dementia care home to make a film for Bupa, all about how to deal with the effects of dementia and what to do when it comes to putting a loved one in a home.  It was a long, hard day, that left me too exhausted to go to the Katy Perry film premiere. I subsequently spent the rest of the evening getting cross with myself for not making the effort, it looks great!

Wednesday was more fittings for my new Marisota leisure collection. It’s getting very exciting, as I love clothes that can take me anywhere, or as my daughter calls them, clothes for getting loungey. I’ve got the shoot coming up next week, so it’s strictly a liquid diet for me this week… We’ll see how long that lasts then!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week, and please don’t forget you can leave me comments about what you’d like to hear more of or about, I always read them and try to reply as soon as I can.

Much love

Arlene x

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