So another week…

So another week has been and gone, and this time I can definitely tell you a little more about what I’ve been up to…

Sunday was the longest journey home from the country, so it was an absolute joy to arrive back to a late lunch with our good friends and ex long time neighbours the Keebles.  John, the drummer from Spandau Ballet, his wife Flea and their daughter Jaime who is the same age as Abi.  Much hilarity, wine and good food made it a wonderful afternoon and I quite honestly didn’t want it to end!  Still, that evening I was attending the last night of Revolution, a show created by the I.N.C guru that is Chris Manoe, starring my shining star of Saturday Night Fever fame and of course much else, the amazing Adam Garcia.  The show was full of incredible dancers and choreography, and both myself and my parter in crime for the night Abi had a wonderful time.

 Monday was ‘meet the choreographers’ day, starting with an early lunch with Molly Molloy, my first American Jazz teacher and the woman who’s choreography made me leave Manchester and start a new life in London when I was a mere 22.  She studied with the famous Luigi in New York, who taught many stars including the legendary Liza Minelli – and there’s more about her later… That night was dinner at my favourite The Delaunay with Anthony Van Laast of Joseph and Mama Mia fame, and his gorgeous wife Annette.  All day long I gossiped about dance, people who dance and the world of dance, and it was a heavenly day.

 Tuesday was what I’ll call my glamorous day.  I went for coffee with the Duchess of York in Knightsbridge, it was lovely to chat with her all about the charity work she and I are involved in, and also just to hear quite how fascinating her life has been.

Afterwards I hotfooted it over to Harvey Nichols and did quite a bit of damage to the credit card in the sale!  It was bargains galore, my favourite, as a good shop is a very rare thing for me.  I bought some beautiful shoes from Alexander McQueen and Gucci, a couple of dresses from Roland Mouret and Diane Von Furstenberg, all with literally hundreds of pounds off!  I spent so long rifling through the racks I totally lost track of time so it was a mad dash home to get ready for the last part of the day, a trip to Number Ten…

I was attending a charity function at Downing Street so obviously wanted to look my best.  Alana had done my hair and makeup, the new Gucci shoes were on, and off I went in my little car speedy speedy until I hit what was probably the worst traffic I have ever encountered.  There was some kind of incident happening at Whitehall, and with all the sirens screaming and horns beeping I had a complete panic attack.  I actually had to stop and get out of the car and just breathe, and then I got back in and drove all the was home shaking.  So there I was sat in the kitchen, all dressed up and feeling like a complete fool as by the time I got home I was fine!  

 Wednesday was a blur of emails, phone calls and boring meeting in the office so I won’t bore you with all the details of that… I’ll jump to Thursday where I was invited to the launch of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Morgan Stanley building.  Eight floors and each more incredible than the next.  Every sick child deserves to be treated in a place like this, and I was so honored to have been invited.  I got to meet some of the incredible children being treated there, and my heart goes out to all of them and their families.

It was a very different night, and I was driven over to Hampton Court Palace to watch the legend that is Liza Minelli perform her only UK concert.  It was a wet but truly fantastic night, and I caught up with my favourite journo gang Dean Piper, Sam Dowler and Natalie Edwards.  The dance and theatre world was well represented with Craig Revel Horwood and Louis Spence, as well as Sheridan Smith and the lovely scarecrow that is Paul Keating.

 Friday morning I had breakfast with the incredible Gillian Lynn.  Eighty six and just about to direct and choreograph a brand new musical, and of course she arrived straight from her early morning pilates class!

This was followed by meeting my old friends David and Cathy Rose who as well as creating the film Mrs Henderson presents, they were also involved with lots of projects with Hot Gossip many many years ago.  What I will tell you is that thirty years on we are looking to recreate something just as hot…

Then it was a quick final trip of the day over to the Arts Club to see a new musical directed by my ex sparring partner Craig Revel Horwood, which I loved.  Finally back at home I kicked off my shoes and sunk into the sofa, and thought about what a crazy and wonderful week it’s been, and wondered what’s in store for the coming week ahead…

Until next week

Arlene x 

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