Secrets, Secrets, and more Secrets!

Feel like my life has been lived in some secret society as so many things I’ve been involved in I’m not allowed to tell you about yet! What I can say is that I’ve been working with some incredible people including the wonderful Kate Thornton, I do love her, and her incredibly sharp mind!

This week I want to tell you all about my night at Revolution in Battersea park for the Cauldwell Childrens Ball I attended with my dear and long time friend Sinitta.  I wore a gorgeous black lace dress from La Boutique that really made my fabulous hot pink Aspinal evening bag stand out, and of course my trusty black Louboutins.  

It was great to catch up with so many old friends, especially the legendary Bruce Forsyth who always tells me how much he misses me, and his beautiful wife Winnie.  I saw the lovely Peter Andre, and the sweet and smiley Amy Childs, who looked simply  stunning.  There was a great performance by Gary Barlow, and coupled with delicious food made it a truly fantastic evening and all in aid of a wonderful cause.  


The very handsome Peter Andre and I.



The legend that is Brucie.



Amy Childs and I.


The next morning I crept away to recharge my batteries but all that happened was a battering of wind and rain!  Just as well I got to stay inside and watch all the Jubilee festivities from my nice warm sofa.  Congratulations to all those that braved the weather and took part, whether watching or performing, it was a really spectacular and very memorable weekend. 

So now I’m back in London and ready for a very busy week ahead, and I promise next blog all will be revealed…

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