Simply Starlight Express

It’s finally the day I can say it’s done, Starlight Express is officially open!Image

The past few weeks seem like a dream, especially the endless hours spent traveling to what seemed to be the four corners of the earth to get to rehearsals… It has all skated past in a blur and all I can see now is the incredible and truly overwhelming standing ovation we received on Friday night – and every night since. The show has had such a wonderful reception from the audience of all ages, and even the creator the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber has been blown away by what we’ve achieved in just a few short weeks. It’s been wonderful to have his input on all the new musical arrangements and songs, and the cast have really proved themselves the quadruple talents they are and shown us there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to thank all involved, now lets get this show on the road! Don’t miss out and book your tickets here.

Early Friday morning before our first preview, BBC Breakfast were broadcasting live from the set for the first time ever with all the cast skating past doing their tricks and flips, and what an event it was!  Alongside interviews with the cast and some of the creatives, they also performed one of the numbers from the show which you can see here.

The actual Press night was a double whammy for me as it was also the 10th anniversary of We Will Rock You, so as soon as last minute Starlight rehearsals had finished in Wimbledon, I found myself running for the train in my heels and fabulous Swarovski studded Philip Lim jacket to walk the red carpet over at the Dominion Theatre, alongside Queen and Co.’Co’ being of course my dear friend and writer of the show Ben Elton, whom it was so lovely to catch up with after such a long time, we couldn’t stop talking – until we were both silenced as the all powerful Robert De Niro, one of our original producers of WWRY, drifted past honoured us with a smile and a hello.  Russell Kane was there looking super gorgeous and my old friend from Strictly Dance Fever days, Rufus Hound.  Once I was done and dusteddancing down the red carpet, it was back over to Wimbledon and back to Starlight where my friends and family were singing along and clapping away as loudly as can be.  

Earlier in the week I did actually do something totally un-Starlight related and that was appearing on a cookery show, with the special guests being myself and the adorable Levi Roots, of the Reggae-Reggae Sauce!  What a lovely man, and of course wonderful cook.  Fortunately I wasn’t there for my cooking skills – or lack thereof – but to judge a ‘cookoff’ and talk about my favourite foods. The chefs made truly delicious fish dishes, but you’ll have to tune in later in the year to see which one I chose… I’ll keep you posted when it’s going to be on.

As for me now, it’s all things Eurovision and there’s no rest for the wicked as I launch myself into another week of rehearsals and then it’s off to Baku! 

So until I return with the hot gossip, it’s love from me, and Engelbert…
Arlene x 

2 comments on “Simply Starlight Express

  1. linda walden says:

    I went to see starlight express at the new wimbledon theatre on saturday 19th may it was fantastic.I have seen starlight at the apollo over 40 times and loved every show it was great to take my daughter to see something that i had seen when i was younger.I have heard that there could be a dvd and would love to know if this true and when? as i have a 2 year old and dont think she will get to see it.I think starlight is great and a shame it isnt still in the west end.Please can you let me no about the dvd many thanks.

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