Merrily We Roll…

Merrily We Roll Along 

 So another week of rehearsals rolls by, with me still dashing and dancing between here there and everywhere…  

 Another few of early morning meetings started off my days, and what with the rain being torrential it made driving across town to make it in time to start rehearsals pretty hair raising!  

 Wednesday was great, during the day I took a couple of hours away from shouting “5678” to film with lovely people from the Ben Kinsella trust about a celebrity bake book I’m involved in.  I’ve donated my recipe from The Great British Bake Off – a gingerbread cake with Megamix icing to be used in a fantastic cookery book, with all proceeds going to the trust, which helps to prevent gang violence and keeping knives off the streets.  Recipes have been donated by people from the world of sport, politics and entertainment, and you can get involved by sending in your favourite recipe to hopefully be included along side all the others. To enter go to 

That evening I had dinner with my dear friend and the original director of Starlight Express Trevor Nunn, whom I haven’t caught up with for years.  We talked and talked for hours over a delicious meal at Julie’s in Holland Park, and it was close to midnight before I made my way home to climb into bed, ready to start another day in the studio.

 The rest of the week flew past, and it was soon Friday.  The afternoon was spent watching a run through of the show, and at the end I ran as fast as I could to the car as I had a long drive ahead of me to Herefordshire, where I was taking part in a charity event for Hereford Cathedral the following day. I was judging a dance competition alongside the gorgeous Larry Lamb, Sir Roy Strong and the Dean of Hereford Cathedral, and it was a fantastic evening with fabulous food, wine and a huge amount raised. 

 Sunday morning I drove home through what was practically a rainstorm to make it safe and sound and into the waiting arms of my family, who have barely seen me this past few weeks!  We had a lovely dinner together, it was just the perfect end to another week, and gave me all the strength I needed to start my challenge…  As I mentioned last week, I’m taking part in Living Below the Line, where I shall be feeding myself this week with just £5, so that’s £1 per day.  THere is still time to sponsor me here  to raise money for my chosen charity helping the prevention of Malaria, and raise awareness about the unimaginable poverty people are living in.  A huge thank you to all that have donated so generously so far, it all really does help.

 So that brings me up to today, where once again I shall be all things Starlight and sadly missing out on the Dance Uk’s Conference on nutrition for dancers, artistry, athleticism and the role of the multidisciplinary support team, from 9am – 5pm at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, and there may still be tickets available here so try and head down

 Oh and I’ll be skating off from the studio to join the Loose Women on Wednesday so keep an eye out for me!

 Until next week…

Much love, Arlene x 

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