Short, Sweet and Still on Skates

Short, Sweet and Still on Skates

Hello all!

Yes once again it has been a week of Starlight, and it’s going to be much the same for the next month! Still, as always, I have plenty of exciting things to tell you about that are happening outside the world of rehearsals…

Tuesday morning I had a wonderful early breakfast with my newest and dearest friend Russell Grant, who is always a joy to start the day with. As well as the usual banter and gossip, he is in fact a really wonderful person to really talk to, and I found myself so deep in conversation I barely made it to rehearsals on time! Sadly I couldn’t make it that evening to the opening of Midnight Tango in Manchester, which I am thrilled to say got fantastic reviews and a standing ovation.

Wed was rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals and no lunch break as I had an interview with LBC radio all about, you guessed it – Starlight! I tell you what though, despite me talking about all things skates, people still manage to try and sneak those Strictly questions in… Let’s keep it current!

Thursday was a crazy busy day, starting with a very early meeting with my accountant (boring!) a slightly less so but still early hair and makeup with Alana for a quick interview in town I was filming for a documentary called God Save the Queens. I was talking all about my favourite and most fabulous gays! Kenny Everett, Julian Clary, Paul O’Grady, Danny La Rue, Graham Norton to name a few, and of course my darling Freddie Mercury, and the many amazing memories I have of my time working with him. A hectic afternoon in rehearsals followed, and then a dash home to scoff down some delicious dinner, a quick change and a touch up of the hair and makeup once again with Alana, and then off I went to the House of Commons for the Body Confidence Awards, where I was presenting the award for the celebrity who inspires, and it went to the lovely Davina McCall.

Friday was our first run through of the show that I think everyone knows the name of by now… and it went surprisingly well! I say surprisingly because to be this far along in such a short space of time is just amazing, It just goes to show what a superbly talented and hard working cast we have. After the run I had a long meeting that afternoon about all the exciting new musical arrangements Andrew himself is creating for the show, and the more I hear the more desperate I am to be able to share it with you, but it’s just going to have to wait till the show opens, and I can promise you will all be blown away…

Saturday was our last day out at Three Mills studios – thank goodness! We’re moving the Starlight stage to a giant new studio out in Park Royal, it really is from one extreme to the other for me, East to West, and then in a couple of weeks time I’ll be heading south to open the show in Wimbledon! Why can’t we just do it here in Belsize Park… You can still book tickets for the show here

Sunday I was rehearsing again although this time it was with my favourite dancers Tommy Franzen and Maria Swainson for a top secret project we’re working on. We were having so much fun creating and dancing I barely realised the day slipped by, and before I knew it it was time to pack my bags for another week of all things U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. and enter phase two of rehearsals, getting on the set..

So I’ll be back next week to let you know how we’re getting on with our journey towards opening night, and keep checking my twitter for sneak preview behind the scenes pics live from the rehearsal room @arlenephillips

Love Arlene x

One comment on “Short, Sweet and Still on Skates

  1. Coralie spencer says:

    so lovely reading your blog Arlene. my grandson Adam Spencer is doing splendid , ( as you said he would ) ! hes a choregrapher in Boston ..,@ we all keep in video contact with SKYPE ! cant thank you enough for giving him the best advice ever ! we loved your show in london by the way ! Coralie , Adams nan xx

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