Busy, busier, busiest…

All I can say is that it’s a good job I got a couple of days off last week in the country, as it has literally been manic…


Thursday started with a meet and greet with all the Eurovision team, how exciting!  If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the song http://bit.ly/GJ0Qp5 After that I headed into town for a long and fully productive meeting with all the Starlighters – as they shall from now on be called – and that pretty much summed up my day, along with fielding endless calls from the busy goings on in the office!

 Friday I was up early to head to the Nickelodeon studios to read a bedtime story! I was in a lovely little garden, and it was fun way to kick off the day.  I was very excited for my lunch with the wonderful Ben Latham Jones at my favourite Japanese restaurant, but unfortunately he came down with food poisoning the night before, so it was cancelled. Hope you’re feeling better Ben!  Instead I buried my in head in the mornings pile of unread emails that seem to be coming in thicker and faster than usual at the moment, and before I knew it I was winding my way to bed. Boy can a day go quickly when holding down down 5 million projects! I sadly didn’t make it to the Sport Relief party that evening, but I’m amazed by the amount raised, and so happy to say I’ve been part of it.  As well as joining in with Let’s Dance and running the Westminster Mile, I’ve also been taking part in Twit Relief and here’s what I raised… 

The WWRY tickets went for £473 on the auction, the Wizard of Oz company including myself sold 262 raffle tickets at £2.50 each, making it £655, so that’s £1128.50 in total, which is brilliant! The lucky winners are also getting super follows too! I’d like a superfollow off Stephen Fry!

 A fabulous Saturday lunch with the family at my new favourite restaurant was the most exciting thing I did all weekend, apart from laze about with the papers in the sunshine…!

 Monday was the big Alzheimer’s Society conference to launch their “Dementia 2012 : A National Challenge Report” http://bit.ly/GR5LFK. I was invited as a key supporter as this is a topic very close to my heart having cared for my dad who suffered the disease, and I very publicly challenged David Cameron over patient care in the NHS.  As I said, ‘How will you train nurses to care?’. Mr Cameron agreed that this is the biggest problem. The response has been incredible, and I’ve been inundated by the press every since. The work of the Alzheimer’s Society is so important that I’m really pleased that people are becoming more aware of what they do and people are getting a better understanding of Alzheimer’s – here’s some news about the day http://bit.ly/GTGnmE 

 After the conference, I attended a tribute to a friend and work colleague of mine Diana Bliss, whom I most recently worked on Flashdance with, who sadly is no longer with us.  It was a very moving service, and I had to gather my thoughts and compose myself to get on with the rest of the day, where the next stop was at the Urdang Academy of Dance, to find a fabulous dancer for an upcoming and very exciting project I’m working on. 

A quick meeting about my Marisota clothes : http://bit.ly/xED91u followed by a chat on Channel 5 live 6.30 news about the earlier Alzheimer’s debate, and to end the day – dinner with the mums from my daughter’s school K.A.S and what a FAB dinner it at Kentish Canteen, do try it out http://bit.ly/Hrcl6g they’re on twitter too @kentishcanteen.

 After Monday’s epically busy start to the week, I thought Tuesday would be a little easier, and with only three meetings to get around town to, it was!  I was planning all things Starlight with my assistant Mykal Rand, talking projects with the BBC, and plotting all things Eurovision with the legend that is Englebert. 

 Wednesday was back to crazy, starting with an early morning makeup from Alana for a photo session with the Daily Mail, for an article all about my Alzheimer’s campaign.  Then I headed off to Epsom to host a charity lunch for 450 women, where I gave a talk all about my life and did a book signing. There’s still time to get in shape for summer, so check out my Dance to the Musicals book here and how you can do it http://bit.ly/Hm5Imk. After a really inspiring afternoon out in the countryside it was a mad dash back to London to attend the launch party of Alana’s company Nutrition Rocks launching their workshops at the St Martins Lane hotel. For information on how to book go to http://www.nutrition-rocks.co.uk. Of course the whole family was in attendance, and here’s Abi to tell you all about it…

 It’s me Abi again, are you all thrilled? 😛 I’m here to talk about another event and my fabulous mother and sister 🙂 Nutrition Rocks has been in the works for two years and it was finally their launch last night, it’s really happening and I couldn’t be more proud. My sister works so hard and it’s beautiful to see it all materialise 🙂

 The launch was at The St Martins Hotel, in a gorgeous room they’d covered in apples, simple but effective and portrayed their healthy message very well.  Aafter ten minutes or so of mingling I was very happy to see the canapés appear, as always I’m searching for the food while mother talks to everyone! She’d been running around all day as per usual, from meeting to rehearsal, home, to meeting and still managed to turn up looking beautiful and stylish as ever, she never fails Alana or I!

 I will speak for me and mummy when we both say we are so proud of Alana and what she’s achieved, I’ll speak for me when I say I’m proud to be part of such a talented family who do so much yet all seem to be here for one another, team morale I say!  So there you have it Phillips Fans, I hope you enjoy and see you in a few 😉 Abi xx

And I’ll see you all next week! 

Love as always

Arlene x

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