Being fabulous in the 50’s

Hello!  So it’s been another crazy week on Planet Arlene, filled with all different sorts of goings on. 

 Early Wednesday morning and a jet lagged Arlene got off the plane from Toronto to a day of errands, going here, picking up this, looking at that, rush rush rush… and then back home to get into makeup for a TV appearance.  I was filming with the one and only Len Goodman, who through various events I’ve seen more of this past month than I have in years! We were talking about the 50’s – 1952 to be exact, memories of our childhood and some of the historic events that happened that year.  You’ll have to tune in to find out what they were, so I’ll keep you updated as to when it’s on.

Thurs 1st March was St David’s day, and I hope all my Welsh friends and followers celebrated in style!  The day was less party more go go go, with Coco arriving back from holiday it was catch up central, followed by a fitting for my upcoming Marisota shoot taking place this weekend.  I love the shoot days, I feel like a very glamorous someone else with a team of stylists, hair and makeup pampering me non stop. Then of course I go home and put my pyjamas on, and feel like me again, still happy just slightly less glam!  That evening was the press night for Russell Grant and the new Wizard of Oz company, so with family in tow we headed off to the Palladium to watch the show.  It was a fantastic performance, the cast were outstanding and I was so proud of Russell and just how brilliantly he has developed into the role.  It was lovely to see so many friends and celebs there, and I had a long chat with the divine Harry from McFly, who really is as gorgeous in the flesh! The lovely Robbie Savage was there as well and many of the Strictly pros who I had a lot to gossip about with. The party afterwards was a whirlwind of flash bulbs and champagne, and I finally made my escape home a hour later, as well you know I’m not one to party all night.

Fri was meetings a million, including Starlight Express and a trip to Sony, all very exciting and went very well I’m happy to say.  I had some of the Leeds contingency of the family arriving for the weekend, so I popped into M&S after work to pick up some treats, most of which I had to resist eating on the way home!

Saturday morning I had a quick interview for The Sun on Sunday about Prince Harry dancing in the Bahamas and very nicely I have to say the boy’s got Rhythm!  Then the rest of the day was mine to relax and family and friends buzzed around me.

Sunday Abi and I went to the very exclusive Home House for lunch with my dear friend Grainne, her daughter Megan who was at school with Abi, and our mutual friend Brix Smith Start.  The food was fantastic, the company even better, and a quick trip after lunch to Selfridges to purchase a divine new pair of Louboutins made the day just perfect.  Having said that, arriving home to Abi’s chocolate strawberries she’d made earlier in the day really was the cherry on the top!

Monday was again a flurry of meetings with Adam Spiegel for all things Midnight Tango and Brian Grant the Director of Britannia High for a future project… Then it was once again into hair and makeup with Alana as I was judging the ENB Emerging Dancer Awards at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. I saw six of the most outstanding young dancers I have EVER seen, but the award went to mini Acosta no that’s Jonah Acosta, Carlos Acosta’s nephew, he was outstanding!

Yesterday I once again spent the day with Len this time at the Royal Albert Hall, talking about Your Personal Best, the campaign I’m involved in to get the over 55’s active.  It was such an interesting day with talks and advice from doctors to fitness experts demonstrating all kinds of exercise and how just the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.  A quick trip to cast an eye over Midnight Tango at the Media night. Meeting up once again with Len, but this time with his partner Sue as well as lovely Barbara Windsor and Pam Clements, Gethin Jones looking hot (see our pic on twitter!) and Sarah Hadland and Patricia Hodge from Miranda. After all this, more than ready for my bed, as today and the rest of the week is once again jam-packed!

So until next time…
Much love Arlene x 



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