The Wizard of Toronto

Hello again, I’m back!  I hope you all enjoyed last week’s guest blogger Abi, as you’re definitely going to be hearing some more from her over the coming months, and also Alana who I know is going to be writing a beauty blog for you again as the last one was so popular!


Anyway, on with the gossip! I’m afraid there’s not much to report on the last few days of last week as they were all full up with meeting after meeting, catching up with Tully as my beloved right arm Coco had gone to France, and a rather painful trip to the dentist, so the less said about that the better!  Oh and best not forget the arduous task of packing, and no sooner had I closed my eyes on Friday night, I was up and on a plane to freeing but fabulous Toronto.


It was a whistlestop drop in for three days to do the final round of auditions for the upcoming Canadian tour of the Wizard of Oz.  Despite being somewhat constantly exhausted, I had the most fantastic time.  I have to say more than anything, I was overwhelmed by the incredible talent we saw, how exciting the performances were, and just how difficult it was to choose a cast from all that brilliance, we wanted everyone! 


I was staying at one of my favourite hotels called the St Germain, a gorgeous little boutique hotel where I stayed on my first trip there a few years ago, and I was thrilled to say it hasn’t changed a bit.  The best part about it is definitely the breakfast, and I’ll tell you why.  Ever since Alana was a baby and I would travel a lot with her, I would go down to breakfast in the morning and “bandit” her some lunch.  That would mean making her a sandwich from the deli plates, or maybe picking up a yoghurt or brioche – hence the Breakfast Bandits was born.  There always seemed to be something naughty about doing it, wrapping up criossants in tissues and hiding them in my bag, so when one morning at the St Germain we were offered not only a takeaway cup for our coffee, but a paper bag for the bagels we were so sneakily trying to stuff in our pockets – it was like a dream come true… Legal Banditry!  Alana and I were over the moon, and hence returned from Canada several pounds heavier…

So there I was in rehearsals with my coffee and bag of muffins, happy as could be, despite the freezing winds!


While I’m on the subject of food, we (being myself and the rest of the creative team) went for a couple of the most delicious and interesting meals I have ever had.  A restaurant called Canoe, up on the 45th floor, with the most inventive and extraordinary dishes.  Mustard Ice Cream and …. Foam to name a couple.  Another meal at a local Mexican restaurant got rahter messy due to the copious amounts of Tequila and Sangria being consumed, and there were a few very sore heads in the audition room the next morning!!


So I’m writing this you in between finishing a fitting for my upcoming Marisota shoot, and getting ready to go and see my darling Russell Grant as the Wizard in tonight’s press night, so it’s ta ta for now, I’ve got some red shoes to put on!


Love Arlene x 

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