Abi Tumbles Into My Blog…

I’ve had such a busy a week I don’t even know where to start.  You know those weeks when you have so many meetings you feel like your life is one big meeting… Well that was my week!

Rather that bore you all to death with the details of each one, I thought why not have some fun with this blog instead, and leave you in the capable and hilarious hands of my youngest daughter Abi. She’s going to share some of my links for you to look at and listen to, along with her brilliant Tumblr blog for you to read while I prepare for my upcoming and exciting trip to Canada, which I will be writing about when I get back next week.

Click here for Abi’s Tumblr page.

So until then… Love Arlene x


So I’m taking over from mummy now, and I thought I’d personally introduce you to some things that she has done that make me oh so proud.

I’d never thought I’d see the day mum was designing dresses, beautiful ones at that, totally versatile to appeal to everyone, as she always has everyone in mind! 🙂 Click here to see.

Mummy you saucy minx, venturing into the world of underwear! I think its so important for all women to feel confident with their image, and if my mums underwear can do that for you ladies, then thats just fabulous, flaunt it! 😛 Click here for the collection.

Mum is so up to date being on both Twitter and Facebook, and if you want to catch up with her fantastic lifestyle and the latest news, then hit these hot spots up! Twitter and Facebook.

Well, Dance to the Musicals has provided me with non-stop entertainment, I love it when mummy gets her groove on, and this book allows you to dance through the musicals with her too! Click here to see the book website.

Move It  is one of the best dance conventions there is, its a chance for every dancer to be themselves, dance their style, and appreciate and learn from others. Mummy will be there to fill you with confidence, wish you luck, and make you believe in your dreams. It’s on the 11th March at 11.00 on the Big Dance Interview sofa followed by a signing on the Dancers INC stand! Click here for tickets.

Alana Dancing Star is such a cutie! 🙂 She reaches out to girls of all ages, to let you know that however ordinary you feel, or however hard situations get, you can just dance your troubles away. Dancer or not, just turn the music up, jump around, and shake it off! Click here  to meet @AlanaDanceStar.

Its back! How excited am I? So excited! Are you excited? Get excited! Starlight Express is legendary, and did I mention that the choreographer is a legend? 🙂 : Click here for tickets.

Love Abi xx

One comment on “Abi Tumbles Into My Blog…

  1. Kerry Le Boutillier says:

    Well done Abi! Great blog x

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