Here, there and everywhere

So my week continued on in much the same vein as the previous… mad mad mad!

Wednesday started off at the Covent Garden Hotel meeting Mark Linsey – well more of a gossip than a meeting, followed by a catch up with a very dear old friend of mine from the New York days Jimmy Walski, which was just fabulous. Then it was time to make my way to the Palladium for a few hours dancing down the Yellow Brick road with Russell Grant. I ended my day by racing over to The Aldwych, where I first had a meeting with my co-producer Adam Spiegel at The Delauney, the hot new restaurant, and then popped in to watch the preview of Midnight Tango.

It was an early and freezing start to Thursday morning at the Olympic site to talk about “Your Personal Best” a campaign set up by GSK and NHS London to get the over 55’s with long term health conditions to get active. My partner in crime was the lovely Len Goodman and we are explaining to everyone it’s not about going out of your way to go to the gym or to classes, but just doing your personal best to get the most out of your day, be it climbing the stairs instead of taking the escalator, or walking the last part of the way home, just keeping your body moving in the best way you can. It was very exciting to see the new stadium, but boy was it cold! The event finished in the afternoon at Glaxo Smith Kline where we got all the staff up and dancing a Cha Cha with Len and a Disco routine with me!

On my way back from the very glamourous GSK headquaters I popped into the CiCi PR Press event, where all the companies represented by CiCI were being showcased, and I went home with the most wonderful goody bag, so thank you very much all there!!!

Friday was another early start to continue the press for Your Personal Best, and it was a day of radio and media interviews, so this time I was wrapped up like a sausage in a hot dog and no make up on, as I didn’t have to have any pictures taken! I came home to a delicious family dinner with my sister and her husband and it was an early night for me before another morning of rehearsals… Yes even on a Saturday I was there at Pineapple Studios for some more Oz rehearsals with Russell Grant, who I have to say is going to be fabulous!

A traditional lazy Sunday with family and food, although I did finally manage to make it to see The Artist, which is a brilliant film that everyone is raving about, so go and see it if you haven’t already! I ended the evening having dinner with another visiting American friend, Jerry Nadal, who is now executive Producer on all the Las Vegas and International Cirque du Soleil shows. We didn’t want to say farewell as we had so many years to catch up on, but he needed some sleep having arrived from Las Vegas, Moscow the next day, followed by Macau and back to Las Vegas in under a week. Now THAT’S international travelling!

At 4am on Monday morning the phone rang, it was the car company telling me that my car had picked up the papers and would there with me in an hour… Try as I might to get back to sleep it just wouldn’t happen, so an hour later I was on the way to Sky Sunrise news in possibly not the best of moods! I did have the longest day ahead of me, and certainly could have done with another hour as I realised around 2pm, when I had finished my filming for part two of the day and knew that part three was yet still to come! Part two was filming some video introductions for Vintage TV of all my favourite old videos I choreographed throughout the 80’s, part three was heading off to the BBC to film my episode of Pointless with Alana as my partner. All I will say is make sure you don’t miss it, so I will keep you posted with the link when I know the air date, it is in a word, hilarious. A truly exhausting day, and there was still more to come on Tuesday…

Another set of rehearsals with Russel Grant and the company at Wizard of Oz, followed by an afternoon of prepping and pampering for the press night of Midnight Tango that evening. I’m writing this the morning after, so I want to say that last night was a resounding success! The show was utterly breathtaking, the audience went wild, and it was great to have my family and friends there to support me into my first foray as a West End producer. It was lovely to see Tess Daly and Karen Hardy there, the gorgeous Mark Ramprakash, Louie Spence, Lulu, Pamela Stephenson and of course the man who’s side I have barely left the past two weeks, Russell Grant! There were so many celebrities there, but I wanted to spend time with my old friend and Director of Midnight Tango, Karen Bruce, who had done such a superb show! Vincent and Flavia were a revelation, and I urge you go go go to Midnight Tango, you will be truly amazed. You can find tickets here:

Lots of love,
Until next time
Arlene x

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