Midnight Tango On Its Way

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog due to a surprisingly busier than usual January!

It has been audition central for me. First the auditions for the new Starlight Express tour which has been a fun but crazy few days, and I’ve loved seeing all the gang back together again. Also I’ve been and still am knee deep in Munchkins for the re cast of the Wizard of Oz, aah the delights of auditioning children! Starlight is opening on the 10th May in Wimbledon and then goes off on a full UK Tour! http://bit.ly/AjaNJV Oz as always is at the Palladium, you can book tickets here http://bit.ly/wUywSp

I took a break from the yellow brick road and had a wonderful dinner at the sparkly new Delauney with Debbie Moore and Max Dundas. The food was divine, and it was gossip gossip gossip as always!.

I don’t know if you managed to catch me on The Great Sport Relief Bake Off last week, and despite my terrible attempt to make a flan and something that was supposed to be a banana loaf, I have been inundated with tweets from people asking me to come and bake for them, possibly just to laugh at me doing it though! I did have such a fantastic time filming the show, despite not making it through to the final! http://bbc.in/A3ZR5c

Another series I’ve been recording is The Story of Musicals, and you can catch up on Ep 2 & 3 if you missed them http://bbc.in/x3lDw7 Part Three is all about The 90’s and 00’s and the the rise of the “jukebox musicals” such as Mamma Mia! and my very own We Will Rock You.

I had a fabulous night out at the Royal Albert Hall to see the incredible Cirque du Soleil show Totem, which was, as Cirque always is, breathtaking. I had a great catch up with the gorgeous Dean Piper, the supremely talented Ashley Banjo and his Diversity crew, my cheeky Gerard McCarthy and the hilarious Jimmy Carr, who always manages to leave me breathless with laughter. Another theatre outing was with Abi and Tully to see Matilda, which was one of the best pieces of musical theatre I have seen in a very long time. If you haven’t already and can still get tickets, go go go! It was in a word, amazing.

You can still catch my Inheritance Tracks http://bbc.in/yotOjH presented by Richard Coles with fashion icon Twiggy, poet Luke Wright, a woman whose baby was born in the back of a cab, a boy who drives his own school bus, a 70 year old Hollywood body double, a man who speaks 26 languages – and me! Another Radio programme I always love to appear on is Woman’s Hour, and this time I was discussing the sexualisation of women in music videos with music video director Dawn Shadforth and music journalist Jacqueline Springer. Have a listen here http://bbc.in/wnr3hu

I had a very exciting meeting with Anne Beresford at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden about The Big Dance Films. Myself and four other choreographers including the brilliant Wayne McGregor are making 5 new films about dance for use in education. I’m so excited to be able to make dance a part of people’s every day lives and show how it can help in so many ways. I start filming for that on Sat 21st January with two of my favourite dancers.

Who saw the manificent Vincent and Flavia on This Morning http://bit.ly/zaNkyv talking about Midnight Tango, which is opening on the 31st Jan, previewing from the 20th at the Aldwych Theatre and you can book online here http://bit.ly/wdldM5 I went down to the the theatre over the weekend to watch a run through of the show and they are just phenomenal. The show has been touring to sold out houses this past year and I am so excited about it’s West End debut!

Another exciting piece of news is my new Marisota collection is out soon, with some big surprises in store! You can order from Marisota online here: http://bit.ly/xoMl4N or call for a catalogue 0871 984 6000, and make sure you keep an eye out for what I know is going to be a major talking point!

One last thing, a dance competition I’m is backing for The Red Cross and I’m posting the details here as I would love you all to get involved…
“Do you love dancing? Get a taste of stardom with the British Red Cross dance competition for young people of all abilities aged 4-18. Anyone can have a go and finalists get to perform at the IndigO2 at the O2 in London. All it takes is enthusiasm and a sense of fun” http://bit.ly/xcA5nr

So lots going on, lots to tell coming up, so look out for my next blog and keep up with mu daily tweets @arlenephillips on twitter!

Take care, Arlene x

2 comments on “Midnight Tango On Its Way

  1. Abi dancing snail says:

    Did the munchkins come from a theatre school, I wished I’d known about the audition, I would have lived to have done that audition, there is a audition for ballet dancers for billy Elliot, but say u have to live a hour from London 😦

  2. pottaz says:

    My daughter successfully auditioned and just completed her 6-month run as a Munchkin last night. She doesn’t go to a stage school, just a regular primary school. Keep an eye out for auditions next time they come around – probably about 4 months’ time. They were open to everyone. Don;t know if that’s changed.

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