The Mad Hatters Christmas Tea, and other such things

Hello all!
As I write this, I can’t believe my next blog will be about what I got up to over Christmas – where has the time gone?! But before I get a head of myself here’s what I’ve been up to this past week…
Tuesday 13th I started the day recording the voiceover for the BBC Lifeline programme I’ve made about the amazing Giggle Doctors, if you missed it you can watch again here: Then it was on to lunch with the fabulous Ben Latham-Jones at the Charlotte Street Hotel, one of my favourites. It was gossips, invention, creation and maybe a bit of social chatter too, but overall a deep and meaningful lunch. So with an afternoon in the office with Coco, Tully and Abi, the week ahead was off to a good start.

Wednesday was big and very exciting meeting about the new Starlight Express tour due to go out next year, I tell you it’s going to be incredible. Another meeting straight after, although this one was top secret, had something to do with dance (of course) and technology, but like nothing you have ever seen before… hmm…
That evening was my dream night out, to see the Nutcracker at the Colosseum in Covent Garden. I took Abi and her friend Jaime, and Alana who was supposed to come was too ill, which was such a shame as I and the girls go every year, as one of our Christmas traditions. Sitting in front of me was Pearl Lowe with her beautiful family, and we got talking as we share the same agent for branding. We talked clothes of course, what else?! In the interval, I gossiped with the fabulous Brendan Cole. He seemed to have calmed down a little since the time I was working with him, I’m not sure I like it! I rather liked the ‘I don’t give a damn about what I say’ Brendan!

Thursday was another massive catch up in the office day, I can’t believe how much there is to do on a daily basis! Coco really is a godsend. Late afternoon I made a dash for the hairdressers as I had a party that evening and my hair was in much need of some TLC! Drinks at the wonderous house of Patrick McKenna, it really was something to behold. I walked around in awe staring at the beautiful decor, and caught up with many old friends, made new ones, and talked work (well what else!) with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

An early appearance on Daybreak started my Friday, talking all about my Dance to the Musicals book and my opinion on the Strictly Final. I have to say I haven’t watched the series that closely this year, but what I have seen I’ve really enjoyed, including Russell Grant, who really can dance, of course the 3 finalists, of whom I’m particularly proud of Jason as I know how far he has come. As for people saying he’s too serious, I can tell he’s put his heart and soul in to the competition, improved beyond belief and that takes a serious amount of hard work! Despite the exhausting 5:30am start it was straight into the office for the morning, until the fun part of the day – the Planet Arlene Christmas surprise tea, for all in the office! We made our way to the Sanderson Hotel, to the Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, and not only was it a sight to behold, but it tasted beyond anything I have tried. Lollipops that when you place them on your tongue feel hot one side and cold the other, delicious little cakes of the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, Eat Me and Drink Me labels on strawberry chocolate hearts and little bottles of layer upon layer of passion fruit jelly and pana cotta – the list goes on! Scones, rainbow coloured sandwiches, tea and Champagne cocktails topped the endless delights, and we all left feeling stuffed to the brim. Of course the day wasn’t over for me and I had another two meetings to get through before I could finally climb into bed from what was a wonderful but very long day.

Saturday morning was a relaxing day, with just a brief telephone interview for Ireland’s Newstalk and then I was free to relax until my party that evening with Debbie Moore at Nick Mason – from Pink Floyd – and his wife Nettie’s house. It always surprises me when going to a party, and you think you will know hardly anyone, there were lots of people there from my past. My favourite was catching up with Anneka Rice who’s oldest son is the same age as Abi, so there was certainly lots to talk about. I try not to be a parent bore, but I think I am. There’s nothing I like better than talking about my offsprings.

I’m happy to say Sunday was another relaxing day, with a delicious family lunch and much lounging about!

Monday it was back to work with an appearance on Loose Women, although I’d hardly call it work, I just turn up and chat.

Did anyone catch my supertroupers documentary on Radio 2 on Monday night? All about the early dance groups like Pans People, Ruby Slipper and of course, Hot Gossip. That evening I’d attended the Christmas party of my dear friend, and Alana’s agent Carol Hayes. I met up with Alana for a drink, and as we made our separate ways, Alana called me excitedly saying “Mum you’re on the radio in the taxi I’m in!” Earlier that evening I attended a gathering for Vincent and Flavia. I’d intended to pop in and pop out to say congratulations as the show I’m producing with them has done record sales at the box office. Well, I can never pop in and out anywhere, as I was surrounded by Len Goodman, Mark Ramprakash, Robin Windsor, Brian May & Anita Dobson, and of course Vincent and Flavia, what a night! Darling Coco was so busy with the camera, she hardly had time for a cocktail!

So as I head forward to Christmas I just wish everyone a fabulous and very Merry Christmas of your own. I’ll tell you all about mine next week.

Till then…
Love Arlene x

One comment on “The Mad Hatters Christmas Tea, and other such things

  1. Allison says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a very fun week! luving the mad hatters tea theme 🙂 Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your lovely family XX

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